19 April 2023

Progress or regression: Greeks face a momentous choice at the upcoming election

By Christina Georgaki

As Greece prepares for a critical and hotly contested election, the international community is watching with growing concern. The stakes are enormous, as the progress made under the New Democracy government could be undone if the far-left Syriza party returns to power. The election has become a two-horse race with potentially far-reaching implications, making it essential for Greece to choose the path of progress instead of returning to economic chaos.

In the past four years, the New Democracy government, led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has achieved significant strides in guiding Greece towards stability and growth. They have reduced over 50 taxes, attained above-average growth in national income in the Eurozone, and significantly increased investment. The state has been digitised, and the economy is now characterised by high resilience and strong dynamics.

The New Democracy government recognises the vital importance of free markets and trade to Greece. By embracing these principles, they have created an environment where businesses can flourish, investments can expand, and wealth can be generated. A vibrant, market-driven economy is crucial to the nation’s prosperity, as it enables job creation, stimulates innovation, and attracts foreign investment. By championing free markets and trade, the New Democracy government has been able to attract and sustain inward investment, resulting in a robust and dynamic economy.

New Democracy is a party that understands the significance of growth, trade, and attracting and sustaining inward investment. These elements deliver progress and prosperity for the people and enable a strong state to support families and protect the vulnerable. Social justice and a vibrant, market economy are complementary, not contradictory.

However, Syriza’s shadow looms large, as the far-left party is making a determined bid to return to power. Having been responsible for Greece’s near-collapse just a few years ago, Syriza’s resurgence would plunge the nation back into economic despair, posing risks not only for Greece but also for the international community. With the election too close to call, the choice between progress under New Democracy or regression under Syriza is critical.

Centre-right governments worldwide have demonstrated the importance of making tough choices to maintain stability and growth. New Democracy has followed this example, proving that Greece can thrive under responsible leadership. The alternative – allowing Syriza to regain control – would lead Greece down a destructive path.

As the election nears, Greece must choose a government capable of navigating the post-Covid world and continuing its trajectory towards prosperity. The New Democracy government has shown its commitment to progress, and it is crucial that Greece does not backtrack.

As the world watches, we can only hope that Greece makes the right decision in this nail-biting election. Both Greece and the world stand to lose if Syriza returns to power and sparks another economic crisis. Greece must keep moving forward, consigning the far-left to the past where they belong. The choice is clear, and the stakes couldn’t be higher: progress over catastrophe.

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Christina Georgaki is an elected member of the political committee of New Democracy, the centre-right governing party of Greece.

Columns are the author's own opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of CapX.