5 May 2016

Charlotte Church, the singing Corbynite, is not even voting Labour


A band of wandering minstrels have in the last year been going around the country lecturing Labour party members and the country at large on the supposed brilliance of Jeremy Corbyn and the insurgent “movement” he leads. The cast list has included some of Britain’s least funny political comedians and the singer Charlotte Church.

She has sung his praises repeatedly. Last July, Church said of Corbyn in a post on her blog:

“The inverse of Nigel Farage, he appears to be a cool-headed, honest, considerate man, one of the few modern politicians who doesn’t seem to have been trained in neuro-linguistic programming, unconflicted in his political views, and abstemious in his daily life. He is one of the only politicians of note that seems to truly recognise the dire inequality that exists in this country today and actually have a problem with it. There is something inherently virtuous about him, and that is a quality that can rally the support of a lot of people, and most importantly, a lot of young people. With the big three zero on the horizon for me, I don’t know if I still count as a ‘young person’. What I can say is that for the first time in my adult life there is a politician from a mainstream party who shares my views and those of most people I know, and also has a chance of actually doing something to create a shift in the paradigm, from corporate puppetry to conscientious societal representation.”

Sadly, for Jeremy Corbyn and Welsh Labour it seems her enthusiasm does not extend to actually voting for Labour. On election day she tweeted that she is voting for Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Nationalist party.

But, but, but… say desperate Corbynite ultras and assorted confused Welsh Nationalists, she is entitled to vote for different parties in different elections, for Labour at a UK level and Plaid Cymru in the devolved elections. Yes, of course she is. Like any of us she can do whatever she likes on that front. But when you are part of that band of wandering minstrels and jesters which has gone to all parts of the UK proclaiming that this clown Corbyn is the messiah, helping to wreck the Labour party in the process, the least you might do is vote for him on his big day, or if you don’t, at least have the sense to stay quiet about it.

I’m sure we’ll return to this tomorrow after the polls have closed and the results are in, which must, surely, show a huge swing to Corbynite Labour. For almost a year they have been claiming to have mobilised millions of non-voters. Presumably those voters are even now flocking to the polls to vote Labour.

Apart from Charlotte Church, who is voting for Plaid Cymru.

Iain Martin is Editor of CapX