25 January 2022

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Zithromax is an antibiotic that is usually used for the treatment of bacterial infections. The mode of action of the antibiotic is as follows. The antibiotic prevents the production of proteins in the bacteria. However, since these organisms depend on these proteins for growth and effectiveness, they can no longer maintain their own life cycle under the influence of an antibiotic and die.

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Zithromax Dosage

Zithromax is available in capsules or tablets of 250 or 500 mg each. The strength of the dose depends on your infection pattern and is determined by the doctor. Depending on the dosage, you will need to take the antibiotic up to three times a day at one tablet each. This should take place before meals and the tablet should be taken with sufficient water.

Side Effect Zithromax

Zithromax is a classic antibiotic that can also have classic side effects. Not only is it important that you take the medicine correctly, but also how you tolerate the antibiotic.The appearance of side effects can be directly related to your physical constitution.

Diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, or nausea may occur after taking an antibiotic. Several side effects may also occur at the same time. You should note that Zithromax does not specifically target the bacterial pathogen and therefore may also attack other endogenous bacteria. In this context, it is important to ensure adequate personal hygiene. Because the development of vaginal fungus is also a possible side effect due to the disruption of the natural bacterial environment.

Contraindications to use Zithromax

If you already know that you are allergic to the ingredients or the active ingredient Zithromax, you should not take this medication. In case of existing pregnancy or breastfeeding, the intake must be very thoroughly weighed and approved by the doctor beforehand.

If you are already taking other medications on a daily or regular basis, tell your doctor about it so that he/she can react accordingly and Zithromax intake will not cause any interactions. If you are receiving Zithromax to treat a sexually transmitted disease, please keep in mind that your sexual partners should also undergo this treatment and see a doctor.

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