9 February 2016

Americans think they live in the best country on earth


Most Americans (53%) think they live in the greatest country on earth. Only 8% say there are plenty of other nations that are better. Britons are much less confident about the status of their country. Only 17% agree the United Kingdom is the best country in the world with 19% saying “plenty of other nations are better”.  The US panel was asked: “Is the United States of America the greatest nation on earth?” The British panel was asked: “Is Britain the greatest nation on earth?”

USA best

Americans were much less sure about the resilence of the “American Dream”, however. 42% thought “nearly every person of every background has a good opportunity to make it to the top of business, politics or other great national institutions” but a majority (55%) agreed that “many Americans are destined to a second class status from birth and have a small chance of succeeding at the highest level.” Again, British people were much less happy with their nation. 29% agreed that every person could make it to the top in the UK but 69% disagreed.

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Tim Montgomerie is the Editor of Portrait of America