22 April 2022

The CapX Podcast: Sam Ashworth-Hayes on party politics, Rwanda and the ‘Granny State’


It’s been quite a few weeks in British politics. After a brief Easter respite, the PartyGate saga reared its head again for Boris Johnson, who now faces a parliamentary probe on whether he misled the House of Commons. Equally controversial was his government’s announcement last week of a deal to ship asylum seekers 5,000 miles away to Rwanda. Just what Brexit means for Britain’s immigration system also became clearer this week with the publication of some fascinating Home Office figures on who has arrived in the UK since we fully severed ties with the EU in 2021.

Joining us to make some sense of the political tumult on this week’s topical podcast is CapX regular Sam Ashworth-Hayes. Sam is an economist, writer and policy analyst who has previously worked as Director of Studies at the Henry Jackson Society. He writes regularly here on CapX, as well as in outlets such as The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator.

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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.