Virtual reality films could be a hit in China

China’s virtual-reality market will reach over $7.9 billion (55 billion yuan) in 2020

MIT Technology Review - 6 Jan 2017

The rise of vertical farming

Where a steel company was once located in New Jersey, now stands a vertical farm. When in full operation, AeroFarms plans to ship over a thousand tons of greens annually- but the innovative farming technique has had a long road to inception.

The New Yorker - 5 Jan 2017

Fintech reduces banking transactions to seconds

India's 5th largest private sector bank has collaborated with a fintech start-up to automate transactions. They use a cloud-based cognitive service and work on a blockchain platform in real time to enhance the digital experience of partners and clients.

International Business Times - 5 Jan 2017

CapX Exclusive

Why Volkswagen had to be punished

Tim Worstall - 11 Jan 2017

What to expect from China in 2017

McKinsey - 4 Jan 2017