James Clark

James Clark is a communications consultant and journalist.

Autodromo - the microbrand with huge horsepower

James Clark - 13 May 2016

Glashutte - the watch Mecca in the ore mountains of Saxony

James Clark - 29 Apr 2016

The art of camouflage - real military watches remain well hidden

James Clark - 15 Apr 2016

CapX Exclusive

Class War: the battle only David Cameron will win

James Clark - 13 Apr 2016

From tweed to nylon - the strap maketh the watch

James Clark - 1 Apr 2016

Damasko: hidden gems from Germany

James Clark - 18 Mar 2016

CapX Exclusive

Britain must detoxify its politics or face its own Trump moment

James Clark - 16 Mar 2016

Luxury smart watches - future or fad?

James Clark - 4 Mar 2016

The best of the old and the new: reissue classics on the rise

James Clark - 19 Feb 2016

Worshipping at the House of the Exquisite Minute

James Clark - 5 Feb 2016

Fakes and Frankenwatches: the murky world of online watch buying

James Clark - 22 Jan 2016

Great watches on a budget - the joy of ‘cheapies’

James Clark - 8 Jan 2016

History repeating: The fall and rise of British watches

James Clark - 18 Dec 2015

“What’s under the bonnet mister?” How watch buyers have become movement aware

James Clark - 4 Dec 2015

Crazy, beautiful, clever and classical: the watches of SalonQP

James Clark - 20 Nov 2015

Ah Mr Bond, I see you no longer work in sales…

James Clark - 6 Nov 2015

CapX Exclusive

Tax credit cuts are turning toxic for the Tories

James Clark - 16 Oct 2015

CapX Exclusive

Modern life is hell and Reggie Perrin had it easy

James Clark - 27 Sep 2015

CapX Exclusive

Ashcroft's book shows Cameron is normal and Corbyn is weird

James Clark - 23 Sep 2015

Attention Corbynistas! You have been conned

James Clark - 12 Sep 2015

The failure of the Apple Watch should cheer us all up

James Clark - 14 Aug 2015