8 June 2016

Bitter, deluded, or undemocratic? The Bernie fans who won’t let go


Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination. We have known this since the Associated Press released their delegate count on Monday night, taking her over the finish line, but the results from the six states which voted on Tuesday confirm it beyond any doubt.

Most notably, it has just been announced that Clinton won California, the biggest state in terms of delegates. Though the polls have had her and Bernie Sanders in a dead-heat for weeks, in the end it was Clinton’s landslide victory: with 94 percent of votes counted, Cinton leads Sanders by 13 points, 135 delegates, and over 400,000 votes.

As Clinton celebrates, Bernie Sanders has dug in his heels and pledged to stay in the race, saying:

“Next Tuesday we continue the fight. We are going to fight hard to win the primary in Washington, D.C., and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia.”

A tweet from this morning shows the Senator and his team are still fighting the maths.

Will Sanders find it within himself to concede graciously, as Clinton did eight years ago when she endorsed Barack Obama? Or, as Jonathan Freedland wrote in The Guardian, will he risk being remembered as the man who regarded any system as undemocratic unless it anointed him the winner?

The hashtags #StillSanders and #ImWithBernie currently trending suggests Bernie fans are not letting go. Here’s are ten of the most impassioned and aggressive responses on Twitter.

Rachel Cunliffe is Deputy Editor of CapX.