20 February 2015

5 things to read about Greece on the precipice


With a last-ditch meeting of the Eurogroup today, and Greece at risk of running out of money, here are five useful reads featuring first-rate reporting from around the world.

1. Greece’s abasement gambit and why it has failed… so far
Andrew Lilico for CapX

2. Eurozone summit: the Greeks could face a fateful decision on Euro
Paul Mason for Channel 4 News

3. Greece defiant as Germany tears up last-ditch EMU compromise on austerity
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard for the Telegraph

4. Why Germany Might Not Be Bluffing in Greece
Mark Whitehouse for Bloomberg View

5. “The Greeks behaved like elephants in a china shop!” – Germany united behind Schäuble
Nina Schick for Open Europe