20 June 2023

The only thing the ‘Big Lie’ exposes is a poisonous obsession with supposed Jewish power


The weather forecast for Glastonbury this year is for sun, sun and more sun. But the organisers of the festival were considerate enough to offer an alternative for those for whom wading through filth is a traditional part of the Glastonbury experience. On Sunday at 2.45pm in the cinema tent, they had scheduled a screening of Oh, Jeremy Corbyn: The Big Lie.

Alas, the film has now been cancelled, after it was pointed out to the organisers that the film is well named, because it is indeed a big lie – the latest rehash of the Corbynites’ usual conspiracy theory, that The Sainted One was done in by those awful Joos – Zionists and Israel – as part of an ‘orchestrated’ plot to usurp democracy. If it hadn’t been for people like me, you see, St Jeremy would even now be in power and we would be enjoying socialist heaven on earth.

Those pesky Jews, eh?

Festival goers will now be deprived of seeing a conspiracy theory put forward by the likes of Chris Williamson, a man suspended from Labour for saying the party was ‘too apologetic’ on antisemitism, and who now obsesses over Jews and Jewish organisations on Iranian state TV; Jackie Walker, who was suspended from Labour for writing that many Jews were the ‘chief financiers of the slave trade’ and was then expelled with brilliant comic timing over an incident that took place while she was in a training session on antisemitism; Tony Greenstein, expelled over his mocking of the phrase Final Solution and referring to Jews as ‘Zios’, who lost a libel case he brought over being described as a ‘notorious antisemite’ and is now awaiting sentencing for planning to vandalise a drone factory; Graham Bash, who has expelled over his affiliation with the group Labour Against the Witchhunt, which denies the party had a problem with antisemitism; Ken Loach, who directed the antisemitic play Perdition, demanded that Labour MPs who attended the Enough Is Enough protest be expelled, made grotesque comments about Holocaust denial and was himself expelled from Labour; and David Miller, the former Bristol University academic who was sacked after Jewish students complained about the way he treated them and now joins Williamson in their show on Iranian TV – and who pushes the idea that JFK’s assassination was the work of…Oh go on, guess! Yes! You got it…the Zionists.

The film’s Glastonbury screening may have been cancelled – already the cultists are, in a fantastically circular argument, blaming the Jews for that – but it is still being shown elsewhere, albeit to paltry audiences, as a sort of comfort blanket to members of the cult who cannot come to terms with the disaster that has befallen them.

The title ‘The Big Lie’ has long been used to describe the Nazis’ most basic propaganda technique to poison Germany against ‘international Jewry’, which was, they said, destroying the purity and success of the Fatherland. Jews, according to the Nazis, were the real holders of power in the world. With the Jews bent on destroying all that was good, it was imperative for Germany to destroy the Jews.

It’s important in this context to understand that Hitler originally attributed the notion of the Big Lie to the Jews, in Mein Kampf. He was describing the use of a lie so huge that no one would believe someone ‘could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously’ – which is, he said, what the Jews did when they blamed blamed German general Erich Ludendorff for the country’s defeat in World War I. It was a lie designed to remove ‘the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland [the Jews] to Justice’.

At one point in the film, the narrator asks: ‘But if it was an orchestrated campaign, who was in the orchestra?’. We then see the guilty parties paraded before us: the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Labour Movement, Labour Friends of Israel, and the Israel Advocacy Movement.

I do not suggest that those who produced and took part in the film are Nazis. Clearly they are not. But what is certainly clear is that they are obsessed with Jews – and with supposed Jewish power. For the Corbynite core, defeat in 2019 was not the result of a free and fair election but the result of Jewish – I’m sorry, Israeli and Zionist – power, nefariously used to usurp democracy itself.

In the end, it is difficult to know whether to laugh or cry over a film that is so full of conspiracist poison that at one point it asks if Keir Starmer is ‘an undercover saboteur, a sort of establishment spycop who infiltrated the Corbyn project just to bring it down?’. Former Corbyn adviser Andrew Murray, ex-chair of Stop the War and North Korea superfan, tells us, ‘He is, above all, a servant of the state’. His sinister plan, you see, was to destroy Labour ‘from the moment…[he]…became shadow Brexit minister’. Why? Because he is a plant of either the CIA or the British security service. (Come on people. Make your minds up.)

The Big Lie is not the first big lie to come from the Corbynites and it won’t be the last. On social media, #ItWasAScam is the hashtag that usefully links them together. I’ve long been intrigued by one of defining characteristics of the Corbybnites, which is often thought too rude to state plainly. They are, like their leader, very stupid. Nothing better illustrates this than a film intended to show how Labour’s antisemitism scandal wasn’t real, which deals obsessively with how Jews control British politics. See what I mean?

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Stephen Pollard is editor-at-large of the Jewish Chronicle.

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