12 May 2023

The CapX Podcast: Lord Frost on the state of Brexit Britain


Our guest this week played an instrumental role in the UK’s departure from the European Union. As Boris Johnson’s Europe adviser and then chief negotiator in the exit talks with the EU, Lord Frost drew on a lifetime of experience as a civil servant and foreign office diplomat to help get the Trade and Cooperation Agreement over the line.

Since leaving government at the end of 2021, he has continued to be a vocal advocate for a smaller state, lower taxes and a version of Brexit that takes full advantage of potential divergence from the Brussels way of doing things.

We sat down for a wide-ranging discussion, including the Tories’ electoral plight, the shape of Brexit seven years after the referendum and whether the Government should go for a full-throttle war on Woke.

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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.