12 August 2022

The CapX Podcast: Are you a Booster or a Doomster?



Are you a booster or a doomster? A recent article by the economist and CapX regular Sam Bowman suggests this is the divide in UK economic policy.

For the Boosters, not only is growth paramount, but there’s plenty we can do through better domestic policy to improve things, both right now and for future generations. Doomsters, unsurprisingly, take a more pessimistic view, and see a country trapped in low growth, with huge demographic pressures and big public spending commitments coming down the line.

For this week’s episode we decided to test both sides of that debate and see if we could find some common ground. To that end I welcomed the original Booster, Sam Bowman, and one of the people he name-checked in his piece as a ‘Doomster’, Tim Pitt – a former Treasury adviser and partner at consultancy Flint Global..


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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.