20 March 2019

Free Exchange: Where next on Brexit?


Ever since Theresa May wrote to Donald Tusk to trigger Article 50 two years ago, March 29th, 2019, has been a Brexit lodestar. The UK’s planned departure date has been a point of comparative clarity in what has been an exceptionally turbulent period.

This week, the Prime Minister officially abandoned her plan for Britain to leave the EU on time, writing to Donald Tusk to ask for a short extension to Article 50.

There is no guarantee that the EU will accept the request. More generally, with just nine days to go until what was supposed to be Brexit day, what will happen next remains staggeringly unclear.

In an emergency episode of Free Exchange, I spoke to three astute Brexitologists to try to make sense of the great riddle of British politics that only gets more complicated.

Helping me get my head around the latest developments was the Institute for Government’s Tim Durrant, Open Europe’s Dominic Walsh and CapX’s very own John Ashmore.

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Oliver Wiseman is Editor of CapX.