10 February 2016

51% embarrassed by Trump’s victory


We could not find much enthusiasm from YouGov’s First Verdict panel to Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. In a possible confirmation that there is a low all-voter ceiling for the billionaire hotelier a small majority of our respondents (51%) agreed that they were “embarrassed” for the United States that so many Americans had voted for him. 43%, the second most chosen option, worried at the example being set to children by Mr Trump’s “crudeness and personal attacks”.

On the brighter side for the Republican frontrunner, 24% did say that they thought his policies on immigration, free trade and terrorism were “good for America”. 18% said that they were pleased that a candidate who was standing up to big donors was doing so well.

32% saw Mr Trump’s New Hampshire victory as a sign that the Republican Party was self-destructing. The full results are below and tomorrow we’ll post the panel’s assessment of Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory.

The full results are in the graphic below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 13.49.06

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Tim Montgomerie is editor of Portrait of America.