Computerised trading booms around the globe

Algorithmic trading is no longer confined to Western markets - it accounted for 32% of trades in Asia last year. Advocates claim that it boosts liquidity, but others say it raises the risk of flash crashes.

Ozy - 29 Sep 2016

Teen birth rate falls by half since 2009

Vox - 29 Sep 2016

Africa is still too risky for global investors

Africa has an investment deficit of $93 billion per year - yet there is $6 trillion locked away in sovereign wealth funds. With interest rates at record lows, why are investors still reluctant?

Brookings - 29 Sep 2016

CapX Exclusive

Inequality is a global problem. Here's how to tackle it

Linda Yueh - 28 Sep 2016

Wages remain stubbornly subdued in the US

IMF - 29 Sep 2016