The rapidly ageing Euro area is costing growth

The workforce in the euro area is also growing older. This could cause productivity growth to decline in the years ahead, raising another policy challenge for governments already dealing with legacies from the crisis such as high unemployment and debt.

IMF blog - 24 Aug 2016

The next generation of lithium batteries

MIT Technology Review - 24 Aug 2016

The Gulf states need to rethink their employment system

The construction industry employs approximately 7% of the global work force. But in the GCC, the current kafala system, where employment and legal residency in the country for migrant workers is tied to their employer, power is unchecked.

OECD Insights - 23 Aug 2016

CapX Exclusive

Gross waste and inefficiency are kept in check by entrepreneurial activity

Karen Horn - 24 Aug 2016

Brazil's new green technology market

World Bank - 23 Aug 2016