Is China facing a New Cultural Revolution?

Fiona Bruce & Benedict Rogers - 28 Jun 2016

Food guarded at gun point in Venezuela

Venezuela is convulsing from hunger. Food riots, protesting and mass looting have erupted around the country. The nation’s food is now transported under armed guard with police firing rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores.

Economic Policy Journal - 28 Jun 2016

Brexit: if it doesn’t kill the EU, it will shape it.

The Belem Circle - 28 Jun 2016

CapX Exclusive

Brexit is an opportunity, as long as Graham Brady gets a move on

George Trefgarne - 27 Jun 2016

Home ownership attainable for young buyers in China

House ownership may be a distant dream for the younger generation in the UK, but not for those in China. Nearly half of 18-29 year-olds in China own a house debt-free; suggesting that loan from parents is the key to home ownership for younger generation.

Business Insider - 28 Jun 2016