16 June 2023

The CapX Podcast: This is Europe with Ben Judah


How do we really live now?

For his latest book This Is Europe, Ben Judah tried to answer that question by speaking to the people whose labour makes the freedom and prosperity the rest of us enjoy possible, interviewing everyone from a Romanian truck driver to an Amazon deliveryman and a factory production line worker.

The author and Atlantic Council fellow crossed the continent conducting hours of painstaking interviews with people whose vivid stories reveal the powerful forces reshaping our world: migration, technology, war and climate change.

He joined the CapX Podcast to discuss a book, by turns harrowing and uplifting, about a promise of unity, peace and the good life that’s realised for some in Europe – but painfully illusory for others. And our conversation was almost as wide-ranging as the land it covers…

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Alys Denby is Deputy Editor of CapX