21 July 2023

The CapX Podcast – The war on your mind


In a world saturated with information, we have more choices than ever – but how freely do we make them?

In their new book Free Your Mind – Tthe new World of manipulation and how to avoid it, journalist Laura Dodsworth and behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan argue that there is a war on our minds as the media, advertisers, politicians and big tech vie to influence our decisions.



They investigate the psychological techniques – from fear to flattery – that are used every day to manipulate us, and offer advice on how to recognise and resist them.

We sat down for a fascinating conversation that ranged from the excesses of Covid lockdowns to the joy of rediscovering your masculinity by getting naked in a forest. Listeners are encouraged to enjoy this episode in the spirit of the book – sceptically…

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Alys Denby is Deputy Editor of CapX