15 July 2022

The CapX Podcast: Dr Jade McGlynn on Putin’s memory-makers


While most of us in the West are pretty unequivocal about Vladimir Putin’s brutal campaign against Ukraine, in Russia itself a sophisticated infrastructure of deceit conditions the public to see and believe in a very different conflict.

Few people are better placed to understand how this war came about than our guest this week, Dr Jade McGlynn.  Unlike many of the armchair pundits who have emerged in recent months, Jade spent many years living in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, as well as conducting groundbreaking research on how the Kremlin twists and exploits Russian history to its own nefarious ends.


Jade is currently a Senior Researcher at the Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies in California, and alongside a glittering academic CV writes regularly for publications such as the Telegraph, the Spectator and, most importantly, CapX. She also has two books slated for publication next year – Russia’s War and the Kremlin’s Memory Makers

She joined our editor John Ashmore down the line from Monterey to discuss why so many Russians still support the war, how secure the Putin regime still is and how best to rally support in the battle for Ukraine’s survival.

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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.