29 January 2015

Introducing the new CapX


Welcome to the new version of CapX, the service dedicated to providing you with the best thinking and writing on politics, economics, markets and ideas from around the world. With capitalism under attack, CapX is a venture underpinned by a strong commitment to markets and limited government.

Our team scours news sources, commentary, blogs, academic papers and social media and selects the most interesting articles every weekday. In addition, we commission our own exclusive pieces from leading writers. It is all available at www.capx.co and our new look site is now live.

Once a day we send a succinct email with the pick of the best five stories on our site. The aim is not to overburden busy people with yet another long email that goes on interminably. It simply gives you short summaries and links to five smart stories that you might not find elsewhere but need to read to stay informed. On a Friday I introduce a weekly summary.

The service is free and you can sign-up for the CapX email here.

CapX is produced by a dedicated team in London, although we feature writers from around the world. We “soft-launched” last summer and have been very encouraged by the response. In recent months there has been a sharp increase in the number of people reading us.

Even if you are not pro-market I hope that you will find stimulating and useful articles on CapX that challenge your perceptions. At CapX we are for competition because it drives innovation, creates wealth and increases prosperity. But we are against crony capitalism because, when government and business gets too close, consumers and voters lose out. If capitalists are to win the new battle of ideas we will have to demonstrate that markets work for the many and not just a narrow elite.

Please take a look at our website and email me on [email protected] if you have any feedback or observations. I hope you enjoy CapX.