Rupert Darwall

Rupert Darwall is author of The Age of Global Warming: A History.

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The real threat to liberalism is not the populist right

Rupert Darwall - 21 Oct 2019

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Guilt-tripping Britain to net zero

Rupert Darwall - 7 May 2019

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Is a second referendum Brexit's last hope?

Rupert Darwall - 11 Apr 2019

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Will the transition écologique be Macron’s Waterloo?

Rupert Darwall - 3 Dec 2018

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Are the Conservatives the party of the people or a party of the state?

Rupert Darwall - 4 May 2018

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The burning injustice of our unreformed utilities

Rupert Darwall - 23 Apr 2018

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Wanted: a plan for growth

Rupert Darwall - 13 Mar 2018

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Renewables have brought rising costs, unreliability and puny results

Rupert Darwall - 23 Feb 2018

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To save Brexit, Hammond must go

Rupert Darwall - 12 Dec 2017

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The winner of the wind-power game won't be the consumer

Rupert Darwall - 26 Sep 2017

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The Hinkley Point fiasco doesn't bode well for Brexit

Rupert Darwall - 20 Jul 2017

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The Tories are paying the price for loose monetary policy

Rupert Darwall - 15 Jun 2017

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Why a price cap won't fix the energy market

Rupert Darwall - 10 May 2017

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At the Marrakech climate conference, Trump casts a chilling shadow

Rupert Darwall - 16 Nov 2016

Britain's energy policy: Betting on a miracle

Rupert Darwall - 1 Dec 2015

Britain acts to curb renewable subsidies to rein in spiralling energy bills

Rupert Darwall - 29 Jul 2015

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Cameron wins himself a second chance

Rupert Darwall - 11 May 2015

Britain's energy market is back under state control

Rupert Darwall - 8 Apr 2015