George Greenwood

George Greenwood is a freelance political journalist.

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Is the government ready for the age of big data?

George Greenwood - 31 Oct 2016

CapX Exclusive

Can the EU survive Brexit?

George Greenwood - 12 Oct 2016

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The capital gap is tearing the generations apart

George Greenwood - 5 Sep 2016

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We must be pragmatic, not romantic, to fix the housing crisis

George Greenwood - 23 Aug 2016

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Theresa May’s industrial policy must accelerate innovation, not subsidise failure

George Greenwood - 9 Aug 2016

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Corbyn’s Labour has a problem with policy: it has none

George Greenwood - 1 Aug 2016

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The saving grace of Brexit

George Greenwood - 25 Jul 2016

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Ukraine must go through some painful adjustments to trade on the world stage

George Greenwood - 19 Jul 2016

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Ukraine is in geopolitical limbo, but it is drifting Westwards

George Greenwood - 28 Jun 2016

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Poland's slow drift from democracy throws up new problems for the EU

George Greenwood - 8 Jun 2016

The myth of American sovereignty

George Greenwood - 17 May 2016

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“Britain has never played its full hand in Europe": interview with Sir Nicholas Soames

George Greenwood - 12 May 2016

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Syrian refugees present a golden opportunity for the Jordanian economy

George Greenwood - 22 Apr 2016

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What the left must learn from Jeremy Corbyn

George Greenwood - 12 Apr 2016

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The writing is on the wall for Brazil's Dilma Rousseff

George Greenwood - 6 Apr 2016

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Why the shale gas revolution poses problems for the Russian economy

George Greenwood - 1 Apr 2016

Corbyn’s inability to build coalitions will cost him the leadership

George Greenwood - 23 Mar 2016

CapX Exclusive

The EU continues to muddle through amidst Brexit panic

George Greenwood - 18 Mar 2016

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Was Ukraine's energy redesign worth the cost to sever Russian ties?

George Greenwood - 11 Mar 2016

The Kremlin may have overplayed its energy policy hand

George Greenwood - 2 Mar 2016

Brexit may give us sovereignty, but at the cost of power

George Greenwood - 23 Feb 2016

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5 security threats facing Russia

George Greenwood - 16 Feb 2016

CapX Exclusive

Life after Putin

George Greenwood - 10 Feb 2016

Corruption persists and the bear looms, but Ukraine is far from doomed

George Greenwood - 22 Jan 2016

Recruiting ethnic minorities in the military: the solution is behavioural economics

George Greenwood - 22 Dec 2015