9 November 2015

Welcome to CapX America


Since CapX launched in London we have had a hugely encouraging response. Traffic is rising fast in Europe.

Not everyone agrees with everything we publish on the site, but it would be bizarre if they did. CapX is not an echo chamber. As Editor, even I don’t agree with every aspect of every piece either. Although at CapX we are pro-market and anti-crony corporatism, we are also “broad church” and in favour of a disputatious discussion. We are for entertaining writing, mischief and ideas.

CapX – slogan, for popular capitalism – commissions good writing on politics, economics and ideas, and highlights research from think tanks and media outlets around the world that might not otherwise get attention.

Today, we launch CapX America, the latest phase of the CapX expansion. If you are in the UK, or anywhere else outside North America, the site will direct you to the London-based edition of the site. In America, you will be sent to the American edition.

But, but, but… at any point, on the top lefthand of the site, the reader anywhere can switch easily between the editions.

There is hardly a shortage of American media and as British upstarts we do not plan to attempt to replicate what it does. But with a critical US Presidential election ahead in 2016 I do think there is a role for a distinctive site making the case for popular capitalism.

I hope you enjoy reading CapX America.

Iain Martin,

Editor, CapX