2 February 2016

Trump’s a loser. Rubio rising


Honestly, Donald Trump is such a loser. If this wasn’t a respectable, serious website I would get a chant going – US-style – of loser, loser, loser. But no, that would be extremely childish. Still, how wonderful it is seeing that for all that dangerous rabble-rousing, and the whipping up of hatred, and his stupid plane with his name etched in huge letters on the side of the fuselage, and his reality TV hucksterism, the good people of Iowa looked at Donald Trump and said while it’s been fun, if you like 1930s European politics, actually we’d rather you didn’t become President of the world’s leading country. Rather more worryingly, Ted Cruz came out in front in Iowa. There’s something amiss with that man. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t shake the thought with Cruz that he’s an extremist and I – and his countrymen and women – wouldn’t have a beer with him.

But there’s good news on the Republican side. Marco Rubio’s stock is rising and he is becoming the rallying figure for moderates who want the West defended without starting World War III and banning Muslims. On current evidence, Rubio seems to be smart, sane and not a megalomaniac. As has been apparent for some time, he’s his party’s best hope in November because he will give American a chance to turn off the Bush-Clinton show (Dynasty) that has now been running for 28 years. As for Trump, he is taking his own show on to New Hampshire where he thinks he can win. But – oh the joy – he has the smell of defeat around him. What a good day it is today.

Iain Martin is Editor of CapX