13 November 2015

The Corbynites would have let Jihadi John live


The total scumbag “Jihadi John”, the British misfit Mohammed Emwazi turned ISIS jihadist who became infamous for his role in a series of murderous videos, may have been killed in a strike by American forces. The US is 99% it got him. Here’s hoping they didn’t miss. The only downside, tweeted someone on hearing the news, is that it is too early to have a glass of champagne to celebrate.

Prime Minister David Cameron is to make a statement and there will be widespread satisfaction in Britain that the murderer of aid workers and other innocents has been blown to pieces, if indeed he has been.

This development does, however, raise the question of what the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn thinks of it all. When the Labour party was normal and relatively mainstream, delivering a statement in response to such good news would not have given the leader of the opposition much trouble.

But we know that Corbyn and his team do not see the world as many others see it. They actively despise the West and advocate “dialogue” with its enemies no matter what the extent of the outrage or evil. The man himself described the death of Bin Laden as a tragedy. Think he didn’t? Go and watch the video. Google it. He wanted him calmly arrested, as though this is Dixon of Dock Green and Bin Laden was a naughty boy rather than a mass-murdering leader of an enemy force bent on our destruction.

Corbyn’s inner circle is made up of people who oppose all Western force, always, in any circumstances, and even claim that British troops were occupiers in Afghanistan, when they were there supporting the democratically elected government.

What would these Corbynites – the hard left supposed pacifists who are partial to a bit of military action only when it is undertaken by the enemies of Western democracies – what would they have done exactly about Emwazi? Nothing at all, is the answer.

Iain Martin is Editor of CapX