28 October 2022

The CapX Podcast: Third time lucky?


Typical isn’t it – you wait ages for a new Prime Minister and then three come along in six months. Rishi Sunak has taken command of a party that’s been through a bruising ideological battle and taken a battering in the polls as a result.

He inherits an economy that’s in even worse shape than it was when Liz Truss took charge, which, to be clear, was already very bad.

So where does he go from here? Will we see a return to the economic orthodoxy Liz Truss was reacting against, or will the third PM this parliament find a third way to get us out of the crisis and on a path to growth.

To discuss this, the CapX Podcast is joined by two of our Centre for Policy Studies colleagues: our Research Director and Head of Tax, Tom Clougherty, and our Senior Researcher, Karl Williams.


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Alys Denby is Deputy Editor of CapX