1 April 2022

The CapX Podcast: Helen Dale on Ukraine’s tortured history


Regular readers will be familiar with the work of this week’s CapX Podcast guest, Helen Dale.

Once described as ‘Australian literature’s lone classical liberal’, Helen is the author of three novels, as well as a lawyer and a regular contributor to a number of prominent publications, including CapX.


For this week’s podcast, I wanted to go back to the beginning of Helen’s career and her debut novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper, which deals with the darkest periods of Ukraine’s modern history, the mass famine of the 1930s Holodomor, and the slaughter of Ukraine’s Jews during the Holocaust.

With Ukraine once more subject to Russia’s imperialist depredations, Helen’s book has gained renewed relevance, and it was a pleasure to hear her share her insights on Ukraine’s tortured past and what the future might hold for the region.

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