15 July 2021

The CapX Podcast: David Skelton on ‘The New Snobbery’


Long before the Red Wall became a part of our everyday political lexicon, David Skelton was talking and writing about the disconnection between post-industrial Britain and the country’s political class.


Skelton’s latest book ‘The New Snobbery’ is partly a polemic about the disdain and condescension voters in these communities have faced from so-called progressives, particularly since the Brexit referendum. But it’s also a call to arms to offer a new settlement for communities that have been kept on the margins of Britain’s political, economic and cultural life.

For the latest episode of the CapX Podcast our editor John Ashmore sat down with David (over Zoom) to discuss the contours of the new snobbery he describes, and how to restore respect and prosperity to areas that have been forgotten for too long.

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John Ashmore is the Editor of CapX.