10 June 2022

The CapX Podcast: A matter of confidence



It’s been a truly tumultuous week, even by the elevated standards of farce we’ve come to expect in British politics. Monday saw a vote of confidence called in and ultimately defeated by Boris Johnson, but it was – to use the kind of classical allusion he’s so fond of – a Pyrrhic victory. Over 40% of the PM’s own MPs voted against him in what can only be described as a huge blow to his authority.

To discuss the fallout from that vote and the ensuing Tory policy blitz we welcomed Will Atkinson to this week’s episode of the CapX Podcast. Will has been a contributor to the site for some time and was recently appointed assistant editor at ConservativeHome – the closest thing the Tory party has to a house magazine.



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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.