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It's time to scrap APD and bring in a carbon tax

The government’s intervention to save Flybe has highlighted just how bad a tax Air Passenger Duty really is. Rather than a green levy that incentivises environmentally friendly behaviour, APD is lower for less efficient flights with fewer people on them. It’s time to scrap it in favour of a fairer and cleaner carbon tax.

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Woke and morally broke: it's time for public institutions to be held to account

From clerical sexual abuse to the Greater Manchester grooming scandal, the last few days have shone a spotlight on a cultural of impunity and malign political correctness in some of our institutions. For things to change, we need real accountability and a system that not only tolerates whistleblowers, but actively encourages them to come forward.

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Don't scrap the tax break that gives Britain its edge

Policy wonks are in agreement: in order to fix the tax system, the Chancellor should scrap Entrepreneurs’ Relief. And reports suggest he's listening. But while it may not encourage the creation of new firms, the measure is unfairly maligned: it helps attract the best talent in a global market, and underpins London's position as Europe's tech capital.

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Keir Starmer is wrong, the free market model hasn't failed

Labour leadership contender Keir Starmer is the latest leftwinger to claim that 'trickle down' economics has failed. Yet few on the right even subscribe to such a theory. If they do want lower taxes and a smaller state, it's not to help the rich, but to promote economic growth and opportunity for everyone.

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Why Britain must not allow China's Huawei to build its 5G network

Despite the US and Australia both warning against it, Boris Johnson is still weighing up whether to let Huawei get involved in the UK's crucial 5G infrastructure [see Stat of the Day]. Though he's right that Brits should have access to the best technology, doing so by teaming up with a company so closely linked to the Chinese state is a step too far.

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