10 June 2019

Introducing ‘Britain Beyond Brexit’


At the Centre for Policy Studies, CapX’s parent organisation, our mission is to develop policies for post-Brexit Britain – and in doing so to promote and expand enterprise, ownership and prosperity.

Part of that is about the ideas we produce in-house. But another part is about providing a platform for others.

Ever since the CPS was founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher, it has published reports and essays by the brightest minds on the centre-right. Since I became the CPS’s Director, we have worked with a host of MPs – many of them contributors to this book – to bring their ideas to a wider audience.

We are therefore honoured and delighted to be acting as publisher for Britain Beyond Brexit, a major collection of essays put together by George Freeman and the 2020 Conservatives group. George in particular has been the project’s creator, editor and inspiration – and all credit for the contents should go to him and his team, as well as to the contributors themselves.

One of the great strengths of the modern conservative movement is its intellectual and ideological diversity, and the passion for new ideas and new thinking that runs through it. There are essays here that echo proposals put forward by the CPS – and essays that challenge them. But all reflect that passion for new thinking. Collectively, they will undoubtedly make a major contribution to the vital debate about Britain’s post-Brexit future.

Over the coming day’s we’ll be republishing these essays on CapX. Below is a list of the contributions we’ve made available so far:

Penny Mordaunt on ‘Global Britain: The great partnership’

Dominic Raab on ‘A prosperous vision for post-Brexit Britain’

Matt Hancock on ‘A healthier, wealthier nation’

Sajid Javid on ‘A defining decade for our party and our country’

Robert Colvile is Director of the Centre for Policy Studies and Editor-in-Chief of CapX.