9 October 2017

Free Exchange: Why is capitalism so unpopular?


Jeremy Corbyn has built a potent political movement on the back of his explicit anti-capitalism. But it is not just the crowds of Corbynistas who don’t think much of the market. New research by Matthew Elliott of the Legatum Institute and James Kanagasooriam of Populus finds that on the economy the attitudes of the public as a whole are much closer to the Labour leader than the Conservative Party’s position.

Capitalism is overwhelmingly associated with negative concepts such as greed and selfishness. Even among Conservative voters, renationalisation of the railways is a popular policy. What explains the unpopularity of private ownership and the free market?

After a summer hiatus, our podcast, Free Exchange, returns with Robert Colvile, CapX’s Editor-In-Chief, speaking to Elliott and Kanagasooriam about their findings and discussing what can be done to reverse these troubling trends.

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Oliver Wiseman is Deputy Editor of CapX