25 January 2019

Free Exchange: Paul Collier on the future of capitalism


This week’s guest on Free Exchange, the CapX podcast, is Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.

As a development economist, Paul has spent his life tackling some of the thorniest and most important questions around: what is holding the world’s poorest back? And what can be done to give them a route out of that poverty? His bestselling book The Bottom Billion, published a decade ago, quickly became a must-read for anyone remotely interested in the area.

More recently, however, Paul’s focus has changed. His latest book, The Future of Capitalism, deals with what he thinks has gone wrong not in a failed African state, but here in the West. And he thinks our political and economic system isn’t living up to the promises we make about it.

Oliver Wiseman is Editor of CapX.