6 November 2020

Free Exchange: Matt Forde’s impressions of politics


This week we were delighted to welcome Matt Forde, one of Britain’s foremost stand-ups, satirists and impressionists. He’s a highly successful stage comedian, the voice of Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and Donald Trump on the revamped version of Spitting Image and the author of a new memoir, Politically Homeless.

It’s the story of a politically obsessed youth in a working class area of Nottingham, a brief stint of teenage hard left activism and a much longer, often thankless stint working for the Labour Party – including dressing up as a fluffy chicken to harangue a prominent Lib Dem on the campaign trail.

As you’d expect from a comedian, this was great fun to record, but Matt can certainly do the serious stuff too, and his insights on working in a party machine are well worth tuning in for, even if you really tuned in to hear his eerily accurate impressions of Boris and Donald Trump.


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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.