17 January 2019

Free Exchange: Henry Newman on where Brexit Britain goes next


Wednesday’s resounding rejection of the government’s deal with the EU by the House of Commons was celebrated with equal fervour by those determined to stop Brexit and those convinced that it did not deliver on the mandate of the Leave vote two and a half years ago.

With 71 days until Britain is due to leave the EU, the smiles will be wiped off the faces of at least one of those groups in the coming weeks. Three outcomes remain possible: a no-deal Brexit, no Brexit at all, or a deal along the lines of the one rejected by the Commons yesterday. That vote was undoubtedly a huge step backwards for the third of those eventualities, but does it leave us any closer to understanding how the Brexit saga will end?

To try and make sense of this uncertain moment, I spoke to Henry Newman, Director of Open Europe and one of the most eagle-eyed Brexit watchers in SW1.

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Oliver Wiseman is Editor of CapX.