31 October 2018

Free Exchange: Budget special


On Monday, Philip Hammond stood up in the House of Commons and declared that austerity was coming to an end.

Beyond a huge sum for the NHS that we already knew about, this year’s budget was fairly light on big announcements. But it would be a mistake to dismiss this year’s budget as a nonevent. What it lacked in major new proposals, it more than made up for in political significance, with a Conservative Chancellor effectively giving up on balancing the books.

This week on Free Exchange, I tried to make sense of fiscal Phil’s pronouncements with a group of eagle-eyed Westminster watchers and CapX contributors: James Heywood is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, Madeline Grant is Editorial Manager of the Institute of Economic Affairs and Scott Corfe is Chief Economist at the Social Market Foundation.

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Oliver Wiseman is Editor of CapX.