30 October 2020

Free Exchange: Fleeing North Korea


Not many podcast guests start by telling you they are in pain. Even fewer that the source of their discomfort is the scars inflicted by North Korean prison camp guards.

Then again, not many podcast guests have seen what Timothy has.

Listen to Timothy speaking to CapX editor John Ashmore:


This remarkable man has escaped the Kim regime, not once but twice and lived o tell his extraordinary tale. His is a story of tireless courage, resilience and, in his account, a great deal of luck. Timothy now has a new life here in the UK, working for a charity called Open Doors that helps Christians facing persecution all over the world, including the 300,000 toiling under the vengeful eye of the Kim regime.

He joined us down the line for what was one of the most moving, humbling episodes of Free Exchange we’ve ever recorded.

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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.