20 October 2020

CapX Live: Rob Ford on Brexitland


Last week we were delighted to welcome one of Britain’s leading psephologists and political academics, Professor Rob Ford, for a CapX Live webinar about his new book Brexitland, which is garnering rave reviews from across the political spectrum.

In the book, Rob and co-author Maria Sobolewska show how Brexit was the culmination of decades of profound social change in Britain, thanks to a combination of mass immigration, rising ethnic diversity and the expansion of higher education. And while the process of Brexit may be drawing to an end, the referendum revealed new tribes and political identities which will continue to shape our politics for years to come.

In a fascinating hour, Rob began by setting out some of the data underpinning his book, including the shifts in demography and attitudes that realigned British politics and ultimately led to us leaving the EU. We then discussed the contours of the new identity he identifies, the particular challenges of Scottish politics and the chances of a Brexit-like event in Europe.

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John Ashmore is Editor of CapX.

Rob Ford is Professor of Politics at the University of Manchester.