Nile Gardiner

Nile Gardiner is a foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher.

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Time for America to lead again in Europe

Nile Gardiner - 26 Apr 2016

President Obama’s Brexit intervention insults the British people

Nile Gardiner - 19 Apr 2016

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O Americans, embrace Brexit

Nile Gardiner - 16 Feb 2016

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Europe’s reckless Iran deals will backfire

Nile Gardiner - 9 Feb 2016

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Economic freedom is rising in Britain, but falling in America

Nile Gardiner - 2 Feb 2016

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Cowardly Corbyn surrenders to Argentina over the Falklands

Nile Gardiner - 20 Jan 2016

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State of the Union: an empty address from a failed president

Nile Gardiner - 13 Jan 2016

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No, US-UK alliance isn’t over

Nile Gardiner - 7 Jan 2016

The 10 best films of 2015

Nile Gardiner - 18 Dec 2015

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Begone: Oil export ban is a relic

Nile Gardiner - 11 Dec 2015

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Barack Obama is weak and delusional in the face of terror

Nile Gardiner - 7 Dec 2015

Why Britain must strike at the heart of ISIS

Nile Gardiner - 1 Dec 2015

Cameron's leadership in the face of evil shows up Corbyn

Nile Gardiner - 24 Nov 2015

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The end of German power in Europe

Nile Gardiner - 18 Nov 2015

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Why American exceptionalism matters

Nile Gardiner - 10 Nov 2015

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The Obama administration’s Brexit warning is ugly scaremongering

Nile Gardiner - 2 Nov 2015

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Margaret Thatcher at 90 – why the Iron Lady matters today

Nile Gardiner - 13 Oct 2015

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The naiveté of Obama’s UN speech

Nile Gardiner - 29 Sep 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to the US-UK Special Relationship 

Nile Gardiner - 16 Sep 2015

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Barack Obama should stop lecturing Britain on the EU

Nile Gardiner - 28 Jul 2015

A disastrous nuclear deal with Iran

Nile Gardiner - 15 Jul 2015

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Why the Greek tragedy matters to the United States

Nile Gardiner - 10 Jul 2015

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Ten ways America’s next president can restore US leadership in the world

Nile Gardiner - 1 Jul 2015

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Forget ‘leading from behind’ - Margaret Thatcher led from the front

Nile Gardiner - 24 Jun 2015

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Cristina Kirchner – enemy of the Falklands and economic freedom

Nile Gardiner - 17 Jun 2015

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Barack Obama is wrong about Brexit

Nile Gardiner - 10 Jun 2015

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Why David Cameron’s election victory is good news for Washington

Nile Gardiner - 12 May 2015

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Why the UK General Election matters for the United States

Nile Gardiner - 30 Apr 2015

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The next US President must back sovereignty in Europe

Nile Gardiner - 23 Apr 2015

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What Margaret Thatcher really thought about Brexit

Nile Gardiner - 20 Mar 2015

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A US-UK Free Trade Agreement Would be Good for Britain and America

Nile Gardiner - 9 Mar 2015

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President Obama’s war on economic freedom undermines American leadership

Nile Gardiner - 24 Feb 2015

CapX Exclusive

Why Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were right

Nile Gardiner - 6 Feb 2015