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Fair COP? Or will the latest climate summit be another festival of eco-extremism

Tom Ryan - 1 Dec 2023

CapX Exclusive

Those calling for tougher protest laws should be careful what they wish for

Francis Cox - 1 Dec 2023

CapX Exclusive

New Zealand has given in to cravings, but Britain shouldn't quit on the smoking ban

Lord Bethell - 30 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Having a single parent doesn’t determine your life chances – the data shows poverty is far more important

Amy Brown - 27 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Britain must end its illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands

Peter Harris - 27 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

More than just a motto – schools with a philosophy are better for pupils

Various - 24 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

We rarely hear about the disasters that were avoided – but there’s a lot we can learn from them

Various - 23 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Big in Japan – why we should look to the Pacific for sound tobacco policy

Michael Landl - 23 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Britain must not retreat from her overseas territories

Jimmy Nicholls - 22 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Does Labour understand growth?

Sam Watling - 21 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

The UK needs hope, not just tax cuts

Patrick Geddis - 21 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Labour must come clean over where it stands on the world’s trouble spots

Rikki Williams - 20 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Rather than scrapping them, the Tories should reform wealth taxes 

Thomas Nurcombe - 17 Nov 2023

Crime-riddled California, freedom-loving Texas and a lesson for Britain

Patrick Spencer - 16 Nov 2023

India, Israel and the economic consequences of terror

Nitish Rai Parwani - 14 Nov 2023

Entrenching failure – how absurd digging rules are holding back a solar revolution

Ben Hopkinson - 13 Nov 2023

The EU and the WHO's sinister collusion against vaping

Martin Cullip - 10 Nov 2023

Israel, Palestine and the Labour party history that has made Keir Starmer’s position so difficult

James Vaughan - 9 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

How tax policies are punishing parents

Phil Campbell - 9 Nov 2023

Rent controls have failed everywhere – and Edinburgh is no different

Bartek Staniszewski - 9 Nov 2023

Armistice Day marches will only harm the Palestinian cause

Limor Simhony Philpott - 8 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Bridging the digital divide is key to the future of our rural communities

Simon Fell MP - 8 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Primary schools are dramatically underestimating our children

Abbie MacGregor - 6 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Do you trust AI to write the news? It already is – and not without issues

Rob Nicholls - 6 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Policymakers must walk the AI tightrope between safety and innovation

Mimi Yates - 3 Nov 2023

CapX Exclusive

Why are there still so few female entrepreneurs?

Katrina Sale - 2 Nov 2023

How the UK can harness global talent

Ruchir Agarwal and Patrick Gaule - 1 Nov 2023

Politicians are finally waking up to the need for financial education

Daniel Harrison - 31 Oct 2023

The Chancellor needs to prove he gives a dram about Scotch whisky

Mark Kent - 31 Oct 2023

Why consent is key to a just transition to Net Zero

Jeremy Apfel - 30 Oct 2023

CapX Exclusive

The AI fraudsters are coming – we need to act now

Richard Hyde - 30 Oct 2023

It's time to bridge the gap between education and employment

Tim Smith - 27 Oct 2023

A manifesto for housing

Tom Spencer - 26 Oct 2023

Conservatives must accept that the age of fossil fuel dominance is over

Virginia Crosbie MP - 25 Oct 2023

What the left gets wrong about education reforms

Callum Robertson - 23 Oct 2023

CapX Exclusive

Defeating the Voice doesn't mean victory for Australian conservatives

Will Prescott - 20 Oct 2023

How the ‘laws of war’ apply to the conflict between Israel and Hamas

Robert Goldman - 16 Oct 2023

Four reasons to spend at least three days a week in the office

Ghassan Karian - 6 Oct 2023

CapX Exclusive

Time for regulators to end Amazon and Microsoft's party in the Cloud

Nicky Stewart - 5 Oct 2023

The smoking ban is a breath of fresh air

Lord Bethell - 4 Oct 2023

CapX Exclusive

Rising visa costs are putting the UK tech sector at risk

Bella Rhodes - 4 Oct 2023

Labour attacks on private schools are just the start – universities could be next

Barnaby Lenon - 4 Oct 2023

Banning disposable vapes is a gift for black market criminals

Martin Cullip - 3 Oct 2023

Labour's private schools policy is age-old socialist propaganda

Abbie MacGregor - 2 Oct 2023

How young Lib Dems got a 'Nimby' party to back housing

Callum Robertson - 27 Sep 2023

If the Home Secretary really wants to stop the boats, humanitarian visas should be part of the part of the policy mix

Thomas Nurcombe - 26 Sep 2023

CapX Exclusive

Rejoining the EU's Horizon programme will stifle British science

Professor Angus Dalgleish - 26 Sep 2023

Is the West in a cold war with Opec?

Damien Phillips - 25 Sep 2023

Sunak is gambling with his Party's hard-won green credentials

Sam Hall - 21 Sep 2023

CapX Exclusive

Don't let Labour use Northern Ireland to take us back into the EU

Sammy Wilson MP - 20 Sep 2023

Does Labour have any answers on water pollution?

Dr Ashley Bowes - 18 Sep 2023

How to put wind in the sails of the UK's renewables rollout

Virginia Crosbie MP - 15 Sep 2023

Unleash Britain's thriving creative industries by focusing on ART

Patrick McCrae - 14 Sep 2023

When it comes to espionage techniques, China lets a thousand flowers bloom

Eamonn Butler - 12 Sep 2023

Rishi is wrong – immigration has got something to do with business

Derin Kocer - 11 Sep 2023

Gambling addicts need help, not pointless red tape

Abbie MacGregor - 11 Sep 2023

Let’s swap culture wars for a constructive conversation about our history

Jake Puddle - 8 Sep 2023

CapX Exclusive

We can do better by Syrian refugees – and help businesses too

Frances Lasok - 8 Sep 2023

Until people on welfare can trust the system, they won't get back to work

Jessica Prestidge - 7 Sep 2023

How China's 'little giants' could dominate strategic technologies

Allan Nixon - 6 Sep 2023

Is the Government backtracking on environmental protection?

Dr Ashley Bowes - 5 Sep 2023

How can the UK respond to the global tilt towards protectionism?

Hubert Kucharski - 5 Sep 2023

Claims that developers are responsible for water pollution are a load of poo

Christopher Boyle KC - 4 Sep 2023

The Bank of England needs to own up to its monetary mismanagement

Damian Pudner - 1 Sep 2023

CapX Exclusive

Israel and Morocco are striding towards a peaceful future

Mike Freer MP - 1 Sep 2023

CapX Exclusive

The decline of religious freedom in Nigeria should worry us all

Baroness Cox and Lord Alton - 31 Aug 2023

CapX Exclusive

Rishi faces an electoral car crash if he doesn’t end the war on motorists

Bob Bull - 31 Aug 2023

When it comes to China, the EU has been asleep at the wheel

Elettra Ardissino - 30 Aug 2023

Is Net Zero a youth tax?

M.W Pedersen - 30 Aug 2023

What's BBC Bitesize really teaching our kids?

Richard Norrie - 25 Aug 2023

Give former colonies aid, not reparations for slavery

Jimmy Nicholls - 25 Aug 2023

Building transport in Britain doesn't have to be this hard

Ben Hopkinson - 25 Aug 2023

The nanny state's bizarre campaign against baby formula

John Flesher - 24 Aug 2023

There may be fewer top GCSE grades this year, but that doesn't mean that standards are lower

Tim Clark - 24 Aug 2023

Ukraine war: drones are changing the conflict – both on the frontline and beyond

David Hastings Dunn & Stefan Wolff - 18 Aug 2023

Why Labour's talk of ending 'tax breaks' for private schools is a dangerous deceit

David Smith - 17 Aug 2023

Britain's heating revolution is on the right track, but it's time to scale up

Megan Batchelor - 16 Aug 2023

CapX Exclusive

Offices: how bad will the property crunch be?

Kevin Muldoon-Smith - 15 Aug 2023

University isn't the only solution – we need to encourage exploration through work experience

Daniel Harrison - 15 Aug 2023

Why the Government's long-delayed waste reforms must go beyond recycling

Kitty Thompson - 14 Aug 2023

Four billion reasons the Government should stick to its guns on electric vehicles

Benedict McAleenan - 11 Aug 2023

Why is the Government rolling out the red carpet for its opponents?

Fiona Bulmer - 11 Aug 2023

Tackling dud degrees is only half the battle

Mark Bremner - 10 Aug 2023

Why 'Professor's Privilege' is not a silver bullet for innovation

Paul Seabright - 9 Aug 2023

Is the Government finally getting a grip on the 'broken' asylum system?

Chloe Dobbs - 8 Aug 2023

What the UK can learn from Sweden about a smoke-free future

Richard Crosby - 3 Aug 2023

Our commitment to nuclear shows Conservatives are leading the way to a green future

Baroness Bloomfield - 2 Aug 2023

Is there any evidence that advertising bans reduce demand for alcohol?

Joe Dinnage - 31 Jul 2023

Bank account closures don’t just affect ‘politically exposed persons’ – sex workers have struggled with financial exclusion for years

Isabel Crowhurst - 31 Jul 2023

Cambridge shows how universities can help make Britain a start-up superpower

Diarmuid O’Brien - 28 Jul 2023

What's gone wrong at the CMA? Perhaps Friedrich Hayek has the answer...

Cento Veljanovski - 28 Jul 2023

Is going easy on Net Zero a good tactic for the Tories?

Alasdair Johnstone - 25 Jul 2023

CapX Exclusive

My family's ordeal reveals the strange, dystopian world of school gender policies

Jane Smith - 19 Jul 2023

CPTPP membership is worth much more to Britain than '0.08% of GDP'

James Forder - 17 Jul 2023

Electric cars aren't as green as you think

Cosima Zaveta - 17 Jul 2023

CapX Exclusive

How an American court struck a blow for British gamers

Ben Dennehy - 14 Jul 2023

Why would we spend £15bn turning private homes into council houses?

Tom Spencer - 14 Jul 2023

Ban cross-sex pronouns in schools

Nick Fletcher MP - 13 Jul 2023

When it comes to long-term detention, the Illegal Migration Bill would make a bad situation worse

Mikhail Korneev - 12 Jul 2023

Shortsighted economic forecasts are holding back growth – there is a better way

S Singham & D McWilliams - 12 Jul 2023

Trust the market to deliver new fossil fuel car phase-out by 2030

Lynsey Jones - 11 Jul 2023

How to make our tax system fairer for families

Ranil Jayawardena & Tom Clougherty - 10 Jul 2023

Time to abolish student loans and replace them with 'ISAs'

Oliver Ind - 10 Jul 2023

Starmer should acknowledge that strict schools are better for students

Tim Clark - 6 Jul 2023

CapX Exclusive

Brian Cox proves that clever people are more susceptible to Brexit confirmation bias

Laura Dodsworth & Patrick Fagan - 6 Jul 2023

What's the point of woke regulators?

Fiona Bulmer - 6 Jul 2023

How schools can be anchors for our left-behind communities

Loic Menzies - 5 Jul 2023

The SNP will be to blame if Orkney joins Norway

Ian Mitchell - 4 Jul 2023

When it comes to tech, Britain should take a leaf out of Macron's book

Rolf Merchant - 3 Jul 2023

Happy 300th birthday to Adam Smith – his work is more relevant than ever

Mimi Yates & Jack Twyman - 30 Jun 2023

Is Harry and Meghan’s failure a sign the podcast bubble is bursting?

Jimmy Nicholls - 29 Jun 2023

Corporates should beware the sugar-rush of identity politics

Lucy Harris - 29 Jun 2023

Living longer with the Proportional Property Tax

Andrew Dixon - 29 Jun 2023

The Conservatives will give people freedom and control over their own health

Steve Barclay - 28 Jun 2023

CapX Exclusive

Britain faces a savings crisis – and the FCA must act now

Daniel Harrison - 28 Jun 2023

CapX Exclusive

There is a way to restore devolution to Northern Ireland – but is there political will?

Nigel Dodds - 27 Jun 2023

Britain is doing badly on inflation – and the Bank of England must take its share the blame

Laurie Laird - 27 Jun 2023

Want to grow the economy without boosting inflation? Start with stamp duty

Alex Morton - 27 Jun 2023

How Conservatives should counter Labour's green energy plans

Sam Hall - 26 Jun 2023

Licensing scheme risks stifling startups

Aled Maclean-Jones - 26 Jun 2023

Brexit has released the City from the chains of Brussels – now let's make the most of it

Daniel Hodson - 23 Jun 2023

Here's one way to ease London's housing crisis

Lee Wingate - 22 Jun 2023

The cynicism of sportswashing has infected English football – and made it thoroughly boring

James Harris - 21 Jun 2023

In an evolving global trading system, joining the CPTPP looks a good fit for the UK

Stewart Paterson - 21 Jun 2023

CapX Exclusive

The Brexit dividend: deregulation and economic growth

Brendan Chilton - 20 Jun 2023

'Hamster wheel households' are feeling the mortgage pain

Mark McInnes - 19 Jun 2023

The UK faces a spiralling debt omnicrisis – and one chance to put things right

Nicholas Gardner - 16 Jun 2023

The public wants more onshore wind, so why is the Government dithering?

Simon Clarke MP - 14 Jun 2023

Were lockdowns really worth all the economic and social damage they wrought?

Reem Ibrahim - 7 Jun 2023

Why saving for a pension has become more risky

Jonathan Cribb - 6 Jun 2023

For the sake of Britain's startups, it's time to bring competition policy into the 21st century

Jeff Lynn - 5 Jun 2023

The UK’s recycling system is confusing, chaotic and broken – here’s how to fix it

T Holmes, H Holmes & K Kortsen - 5 Jun 2023

The world cannot turn a blind eye to Libya's crisis

Mohamed El-Muntasser - 5 Jun 2023

Britain needs more high-skill immigration – here's the best way to get it

Connor Axiotes - 1 Jun 2023

CapX Exclusive

When it comes to employment reform, the Government needs to see the gig picture

Marcus Foster - 31 May 2023

The marking boycott is holding students' futures to ransom

Jess Hilton - 30 May 2023

How Erdogan held onto power in Turkey, and what this means for the country’s future

Mehmet Ozalp - 30 May 2023

Price inflation: five ways stronger UK supply chains can help reduce rising food costs

A Sharif, K Mahroof & L Breen - 25 May 2023

Cracking down on dependents misses the real problem with student migration

Jess Hilton - 22 May 2023

AI: evolution is making us treat it like a human, and we need to kick the habit

Neil Saunders - 19 May 2023

Blaming Brexit distracts from the real cause of Britain's declining exports

Phil Radford - 18 May 2023

Fixing the Green Belt will save Britain, if you actually do it

Tom Spencer - 18 May 2023

CapX Exclusive

What the 'Muckle Spate' can teach us about resilience in policymaking

Loic Menzies - 18 May 2023

Up the bracket: freezing thresholds is dramatically changing our tax system

Tom Ryan - 16 May 2023

UK economy – why the Bank of England is now more upbeat than the IMF

Luciano Rispoli - 16 May 2023

Badenoch's regulatory reforms are just the beginning of the story, not the end

Shanker Singham & Alden Abbott - 15 May 2023

Does British tourism really need the royal family?

Ross Bennett-Cook - 10 May 2023

Shrinking Whitehall: how a leaner civil service could lower costs and deliver better outcomes

Jim McConalogue - 9 May 2023

Britain's young voters must replace apathy with agency

Jess Hilton - 5 May 2023

It is time to grasp the opportunities of flexible working

Sally Hogg - 28 Apr 2023

Has the political mood music on crypto changed for good?

Rolf Merchant - 28 Apr 2023

What should Sunak's 'maths to 18' mean in practice?

Daniel Harrison - 28 Apr 2023

Funding fundamentals: the way science is financed has been overlooked for too long

Matt Clancy - 27 Apr 2023

Passport to prosper – startups need a speedier immigration system

Bella Rhodes - 26 Apr 2023

The civil service is too disorganised for sinister plots

Adam Bell - 25 Apr 2023

How do we inspire innovation? The answer is anything but innovative...

Dr Lawrence Newport - 25 Apr 2023

The real problem with 15-minute cities

Matthew McCartney - 20 Apr 2023

Progress or regression: Greeks face a momentous choice at the upcoming election

Christina Georgaki - 19 Apr 2023

Why are student unions supporting strikes that harm their own members?

Jess Hilton - 18 Apr 2023

We don't need more heavy-handed regulation to tackle single-use plastics

Kitty Thompson - 18 Apr 2023

Can Jeremy Corbyn go it alone in Islington North? What the evidence tells us

Paula Keaveney - 17 Apr 2023

Strikes used to be about battling exploitation, now they are a weapon for the well-off

Fiona Bulmer - 17 Apr 2023

The pure folly of Germany's nuclear phase-out

Lincoln Hill - 14 Apr 2023

We can't stop the boats unless we can turn them back

Will Prescott - 13 Apr 2023

Journalists needs to be more critical of the way governments use ‘nudging’ to change our behaviour – here’s why

Lars Tummers - 12 Apr 2023

The UK must not give in to the anti-vaping zealots

Martin Cullip - 11 Apr 2023

The Government's AI strategy is a recipe for irrelevance

Ben White - 6 Apr 2023

CapX Exclusive

The New Britain by Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson - 5 Apr 2023

Sunak must use technology to grip the migration crisis and prove the state can deliver

Blair Gibbs - 5 Apr 2023

The New Conservatism – by Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson - 4 Apr 2023

The UK joining CPTPP is a seismic moment for the global trading system

S Singham, A Abbott & P Allgeier - 31 Mar 2023

Are there really no votes in foreign policy?

Alastair Masser - 30 Mar 2023

Beyond the English Channel: why a global crisis needs global solutions

Mark Simmonds - 29 Mar 2023

Global Britain can lead the world in resolving the Cyprus issue

Ersin Tatar - 28 Mar 2023

Nuclear is one of the greenest energy sources in existence – here's why

Tom Greatrex - 22 Mar 2023

Thunder Down Under – AUKUS will fundamentally alter the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific

Leo A Keay - 22 Mar 2023

The West must stand up to Putin's weaponisation of food exports

Oleksii Goncharenko - 21 Mar 2023

Helping business to recruit marginalised people can turbo-boost the Budget

Harry Brown - 17 Mar 2023

Britain’s booming offshore wind sector is in peril if the Government doesn't change tack

Sam Richards - 16 Mar 2023

The Budget included one big Brexit win

Connor Axiotes - 16 Mar 2023

Get it built!

Jeremy Driver - 14 Mar 2023

We must not learn the wrong lessons from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse

Laurence Smith - 13 Mar 2023

Three market solutions can help the Government reach its tree-planting pledge

John Baron MP - 10 Mar 2023

With Labour tanks on the lawn, Jeremy Hunt should launch a counteroffensive against damaging business taxes

Damien Phillips - 8 Mar 2023

Cultural change is crucial to consigning smoking to the past

Martin Cullip - 8 Mar 2023

What is driving current labour market shortages and how older workers could help

Joop Schippers - 6 Mar 2023

Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Theresa May (and soon Nicola Sturgeon): the strange backbench lives of former national leaders

Louise Thompson & Alia Middleton - 2 Mar 2023

Home working is here to stay – let’s embrace it and get our economy moving

Dave Page - 1 Mar 2023

Britain is in the grip of paternalism – without reform, a poorer, less free future awaits

Matthew Bowles - 28 Feb 2023

Can an unlikely Conservative coalition break the planning impasse?

Joe Tetlow - 27 Feb 2023

Gas prices are falling but your energy bills still won’t be affordable any time soon

Karen Turner - 27 Feb 2023

Ukraine: Russia’s inability to dominate the sea has changed the course of the war

Basil Germond - 23 Feb 2023

Britain is the stagnation nation – science and technology offers the way out

Tom Westgarth - 22 Feb 2023

Bottling it: Scotland's recycling scheme has become a costly, complex mess

Maurice Golden MSP - 22 Feb 2023

'Admirable' criminals? The courts can't have it both ways with Just Stop Oil protestors

Will Havelock - 21 Feb 2023

With Sturgeon on the way out, it's time to reform Scotland's undemocratic electoral system

Ian Mitchell - 21 Feb 2023

Could the housing market be about to get even worse?

Mikhail Korneev - 20 Feb 2023

Ukraine 12 months at war: why Kyiv’s western allies must rethink the limits of their military aid

David Hastings Dunn - 17 Feb 2023

If we want a fairer, more competitive app market, the Government must act now

Rick VanMeter - 16 Feb 2023

Big data: it's not the size of the sample, it's what you do with it

Frances An - 15 Feb 2023

Expanding 'free' childcare isn't going to solve our labour market crisis

Annabel Denham & Len Shackleton - 14 Feb 2023

Easy as AZ – there's a very simple reason pharmaceuticals firms are leaving the UK

Phil Radford - 13 Feb 2023

The Online Safety Bill risks putting Hong Kong refugees in danger

Mark Sabah - 13 Feb 2023

Golden labs – to create the next Silicon Valley, British scientists need more space

Zac Spiro - 10 Feb 2023

What Rishi can learn from Mrs Thatcher about taming inflation

Alex Morton - 9 Feb 2023

Brexit Britain has done so much for Ukraine – now it should go a step further and provide planes

Oleksii Goncharenko - 8 Feb 2023

The UK is much further from net zero than the Government would have you believe

Ross Clark - 8 Feb 2023

The problem with 'taxing posh schools to feed hungry kids'

Jess Gill - 7 Feb 2023

A new Science and Tech department is good news – but one crucial issue remains unsolved

Jonathan Simons - 7 Feb 2023

GP numbers continue to fall but the UK isn’t unique in losing family doctors

Andrew Lee - 6 Feb 2023

The Net Zero arms race is on – and Britain is at risk of falling behind

Alasdair Johnstone - 6 Feb 2023

Levelling down: signing up to the OECD tax plan risks undermining key government policies

Connor Axiotes - 3 Feb 2023

Secretive government units are undermining free speech

Mark Johnson - 3 Feb 2023

The Met police force is too big to govern – here’s how it should be broken up

John Fox - 2 Feb 2023

Good riddance to the misguided Help to Buy experiment

Bartek Staniszewski - 1 Feb 2023

Nudge, nudge - who's there?

Frances An - 1 Feb 2023

Britain must once again make a virtue of saving

Daniel Harrison - 31 Jan 2023

CapX Exclusive

Once again, Oxfam's complaints about wealth and poverty miss the mark

Rainer Zitelmann - 30 Jan 2023

Sunak is about to make tax a whole lot more taxing – but there is time to change course

Tom Spencer - 27 Jan 2023

Cheating after ChatGPT – will AI destroy academic integrity?

Frances An - 26 Jan 2023

What's wrong with claims of a '£1tn export failure'? Just about everything...

Robert Tombs & Catherine McBride - 25 Jan 2023

How the UK can reach 'jet zero' without restricting flying

Robert Courts MP - 25 Jan 2023

The Government needs to think again about its damaging digital policies

Fred de Frossard - 25 Jan 2023

Time to break the conspiracy of silence around boys' under-achievement in school

Nick Fletcher MP - 24 Jan 2023

Mental health – it’s not always good to talk

Dan Degerman - 19 Jan 2023

Germany should take a leaf out of Britain's book when it comes to supporting Ukraine

Oleksii Goncharenko - 18 Jan 2023

Britain is already counting the cost of climate change, so why don't we have a plan for adaptation?

Daisy Powell-Chandler - 18 Jan 2023

Consumers will suffer if tech execs like me are criminalised

Matthew Hodgson - 17 Jan 2023

Don’t let complacency jeopardise the UK's creative industries

Baroness Stowell - 17 Jan 2023

China: the rise of gen Z will have massive consequences for business and politics

Tom Harper - 13 Jan 2023

Will pension reform be Macron's Waterloo?

Gavin Mortimer - 11 Jan 2023

A pandemic of risk aversion is killing progress

Martin Cullip - 10 Jan 2023

What killer robots mean for the future of war

Jonathan Erskine & Miranda Mowbray - 10 Jan 2023

The Government has two golden opportunities to boost financial education

Matthew Greenwood - 9 Jan 2023

The Prime Minister's plan lays the foundations for a brighter future

Laura Trott MP - 5 Jan 2023

Why older millennials don't vote Tory and how to win them back

James Harris - 4 Jan 2023

Deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is a decision for the Government, not the courts

Will Havelock - 20 Dec 2022

Nuclear fusion: how scientists can turn latest breakthrough into a new clean power source

John Pasley - 15 Dec 2022

Without reform, the NHS will never have enough staff

Fiona Bulmer - 14 Dec 2022

What is the Reichsbürger movement accused of trying to overthrow the German government?

Claire Burchett - 9 Dec 2022

Embrace startups for a slicker, leaner public sector

Camilla de Coverly Veale - 7 Dec 2022

How going green can help the UK get back in the black

Sam Hall - 6 Dec 2022

In defence of capitalism (by an AI)

AI - 5 Dec 2022

Are the trade unions holding Labour back? Here's what the public think...

Ollie Rackham - 5 Dec 2022

How to let Britain lead the way in the new food revolution

Andy Clayton - 2 Dec 2022

Two no-brainers to to help solve the energy crisis

Jack Richardson - 2 Dec 2022

Why legalising ecstasy should be a drug policy priority

Jack Rowlett - 1 Dec 2022

The days of the hydrogen car are already over

Tom Stacey & Chris Ivory - 1 Dec 2022

How EU judges risk giving the green light to corruption

Henry Williams - 1 Dec 2022

Protests against strict Covid-zero policy are sweeping China – it’s anyone’s guess what happens now

David Goodman - 29 Nov 2022

Let's look across the Atlantic to boost energy security

Marco Longhi MP - 29 Nov 2022

Powering up the WFH revolution would transform lives – and earnings

Dave Page - 24 Nov 2022

Beware a shady plan to ban solar panels from farms

Eddie Bolland - 23 Nov 2022

The story of the purple tomato – and why its success is a win for GM foods

Yang Yue - 22 Nov 2022

How employers could help young people onto the housing ladder

Daniel Patterson - 22 Nov 2022

International Men’s Day: Why are our politicians behind the curve of public opinion?

Mark Brooks - 19 Nov 2022

Unleash the market and let Britain lead the green industrial revolution

Greg Jackson - 18 Nov 2022

Be warned, a big nurses' pay rise could be a disaster for social care

Prof Martin Green - 18 Nov 2022

Opening doors for women entrepreneurs

Maria Caulfield MP - 18 Nov 2022

What's driving the great retirement?

Scott Corfe - 17 Nov 2022

Inflation is one thing, but don't forget Britain's 'cost of government crisis'

Dr Mike Jones - 17 Nov 2022

Unlocking the change this country needs

The Rt Hon Michael Gove - 16 Nov 2022

In Backlog Britain, charities mind the queues

​Nicole Sykes - 16 Nov 2022

8 billion people: why trying to control the population is often futile – and harmful

M Channon & J Fledderjohann - 15 Nov 2022

Britain remade: a new campaign for economic growth

S. Richards J. Driver & S. Dumitriu - 14 Nov 2022

Is now really the time for fiscal tightening?

Laurie Laird - 14 Nov 2022

The Autumn Statement is a chance for Jeremy Hunt to regain the initiative on business rates

Vivienne King - 10 Nov 2022

Ill defined job descriptions enable MPs to abandon their constituents

Paula Keaveney - 9 Nov 2022

Policing free speech: why jailing two Met officers for ‘offensive’ messages should worry us all

Marc Glendening - 9 Nov 2022

Why Meta’s share price collapse is good news for the future of social media

Renaud Foucart - 7 Nov 2022

Ukraine war: Putin is rewriting the rules of siege warfare this winter

Robert M Dover - 4 Nov 2022

The cost of scamming crisis: how tech can lead the fightback against fraud

Daniel Holden - 3 Nov 2022

Aim higher – university funding is not fit for purpose

Harrison Griffiths - 2 Nov 2022

Ukraine war: what, if any, are the chances of toppling Putin and who might take over?

Nicholas James - 28 Oct 2022

The new Education Secretary must put financial literacy front and centre

Justine Greening & Daniel Harrison - 28 Oct 2022

Gainsaying – the case against raising capital gains tax

Peter Young - 27 Oct 2022

Why are so many parents putting their toddlers on TikTok?

Frank Young - 26 Oct 2022

People, not just the markets, need confidence and stability too

Andy Cook - 25 Oct 2022

How the West can prevent a geopolitical catastrophe in Taiwan

Leo Keay - 25 Oct 2022

Penny Mordaunt has the experience and character to unite the party and the country

John Penrose MP - 23 Oct 2022

How desk jobs alter your brain – and why they’re so tiring

Zoltán Molnár & Tamas Horvath - 21 Oct 2022

Iranian 'kamikaze' drones can inflict serious damage – but will not be a gamechanger

Dominika Kunertova - 20 Oct 2022

Investment Zones deserve a fair crack of the whip

James Palmer - 19 Oct 2022

How do we set the moral compass on AI-generated art?

Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan - 13 Oct 2022

The popular path to Net Zero

Andrew O’Brien - 12 Oct 2022

Putin wants to create a humanitarian crisis – so how can he be stopped?

Oleksii Goncharenko - 12 Oct 2022

Over a barrel: how Opec is giving Putin an unwelcome boost

Damien Phillips - 10 Oct 2022

Whitehall needs much more than another 'efficiency drive'

Eamonn Butler - 7 Oct 2022

To replace a US trade deal, Britain should form an economic union with the Commonwealth

Scott Cresswell - 5 Oct 2022

Has the tide turned on woke coppers?

Richard Norrie - 5 Oct 2022

Why UK final-salary pensions may now be unpayable without state support

Giuseppe Corvino - 4 Oct 2022

Will the Red Wall have to make do with 'Singapore-on-Tees'?

Ed Dorrell - 4 Oct 2022

House prices: why a fall isn’t certain and wouldn’t help first-time buyers much anyway

Alan Shipman - 3 Oct 2022

Getting the bands back together: the case for a smoother tax system

Andrew Willshire - 3 Oct 2022

How can Truss get back on track?

Alex Morton - 1 Oct 2022

Two modest proposals to get Britain building

Laveen Ladharam - 30 Sep 2022

The case for a rolling inflation target

Andrew Hunt - 30 Sep 2022

Diplomacy in the Middle East is difficult, but essential

Daniel Kawczynski - 29 Sep 2022

Investment Zones are very welcome for the East of England – but Truss should go even further

James Palmer - 28 Sep 2022

To handle the politics of population, Britain needs an Office for Demographic Change

Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts - 27 Sep 2022

Liz Truss must carry on where Boris left off – with a steadfast commitment to Ukraine

Oleksii Goncharenko - 27 Sep 2022

How realistic is Labour's plan for zero-carbon energy by 2030?

Adam Bell - 26 Sep 2022

The mini-Budget had plenty for tech startups – but we hope there's a lot more to come

Camilla de Coverly-Veale - 26 Sep 2022

The Government's growth plan must include a national energy efficiency programme

Robert Largan MP - 23 Sep 2022

Helping families to grow will help Britain grow

Gavin Rice - 22 Sep 2022

If Truss wants a pro-growth tax system, this is where she should start

Peter Young - 21 Sep 2022

A tough lesson: why I quit teaching after just a year in the job

Chris Ormsby - 21 Sep 2022

As the cost of living bites, businesses can step up and make a difference

Ed Boyd - 20 Sep 2022

Pragmatic, formidable and resilient – Tessa Keswick was an inspiration

Salma Shah - 15 Sep 2022

Truss is right to tear up the Treasury rule book

Patrick Minford - 15 Sep 2022

To prosper in the modern economy, Britain must create more 'superentrepreneurs'

K Tikkanen, K Melinder, N Sanandaji - 15 Sep 2022

Time to send the EU's irresponsible anti-vaping regulations up in smoke

Martin Cullip - 14 Sep 2022

How the new Education Secretary can get up to the mark

Tim Clark - 14 Sep 2022

Politicians can't be short-sighted on energy security

Mark Sommerfeld - 13 Sep 2022

Britain is in the grip of an energy crisis – so let's get fracking

Charles McAllister & Steve Baker MP - 7 Sep 2022

As a chaotic winter looms, a proper Tory policing strategy is long overdue

Poppy Coburn - 6 Sep 2022

UK energy crisis: why rationing is likely to happen this winter, whether Liz Truss likes it or not

Renaud Foucart - 6 Sep 2022

To level up and boost post-Brexit growth, a freeport on Anglesey is a clear winner

Virginia Crosbie MP - 5 Sep 2022

Will the Government let our tech startups drown in a sea of misguided regulation?

Camilla de Coverly Veale - 2 Sep 2022

Under Macron, France has become an 'Anxiocratie' – now the French people have had enough

Gavin Mortimer - 2 Sep 2022

Energy crisis: why the UK will be at the mercy of international gas prices for years to come

Michael Bradshaw - 2 Sep 2022

To save British businesses, the next PM must look past Treasury orthodoxy

Prof David Paton - 1 Sep 2022

How digital friction is eroding productivity

Dave Page - 1 Sep 2022

Don't fall for rose-tinted revisionism about Mikhail Gorbachev

Robert Tyler - 31 Aug 2022

Six priorities for the next Prime Minister's first 100 days

John Dickie - 26 Aug 2022

Real moderates recognise that the greatest threat to Britain is the status quo

Mark Brolin - 26 Aug 2022

Towards a green future for British steel

Roz Bulleid & Wilf Lytton - 26 Aug 2022

The answer to Britain's problems? Ameliorism

Andrew Hunt - 25 Aug 2022

A manifesto for tech

Dom Hallas & Philip Salter - 25 Aug 2022

How bicycle number plates could break up the Union

Ian Mitchell - 24 Aug 2022

How the Taliban’s more effective and ‘fairer’ tax system helped it win control of Afghanistan

Ashley Jackson - 24 Aug 2022

Johnson's resignation is a chance for a private sector-led reset on levelling up

Daniel Harrison - 23 Aug 2022

High executive pay is no excuse for state intervention

Len Shackleton - 22 Aug 2022

UK strikes: how industrial action at a major port could disrupt supplies of clothing, cars and canned food

Edward Sweeney - 19 Aug 2022

For the next government, boosting trade is a moral and economic imperative

Nathaniel Ogunniyi - 19 Aug 2022

Why the next PM should take a long, hard look at biomass

Stepan Stepanenko - 18 Aug 2022

Lower taxes should be central to the next PM's pro-growth agenda

Dr Gerard Lyons - 18 Aug 2022

Computer chips: while US and EU invest to challenge Asia, the UK industry is in mortal danger

Andrew Johnston & Robert Huggins - 17 Aug 2022

Rewriting EU law is all well and good – but doing it in a hurry would be a missed opportunity

Amar Johal - 17 Aug 2022

As Thatcher knew, we can combine sound money with sound action on climate change

Stephen Hammond MP - 16 Aug 2022

Sky-high bills and zero accountability – all is not well in the Olympic Village

Josh Coupland - 12 Aug 2022

It's time for a dose of the same medicine that cured the 'Sick Man of Europe'

John Penrose MP - 12 Aug 2022

Let's call time on the 'optional' restaurant service charge

Dillon Smith - 10 Aug 2022

Promoting family should be a national priority – one we cannot afford to ignore

Gavin Rice - 10 Aug 2022

Why a 'coalition of chaos' awaits the next Labour government

James Harris - 10 Aug 2022

After decades of Nimbyism, are we any nearer a cure?

Fiona Townsley - 9 Aug 2022

The UK urgently needs a strategic gas reserve

Damien Phillips - 9 Aug 2022

UK drought: are farmers facing the crop failures of 1976 all over again?

Tim Hess & Ian Holman - 8 Aug 2022

The next PM must make a big decision – what is Britain's role in the world?

Robert Tyler - 8 Aug 2022

The Ukraine grain deal is a PR coup for Putin – and it will only prolong the war

Dr Stepan Stepanenko - 5 Aug 2022

The next PM needs to introduce an Emergency Planning Act

Brendan Chilton - 5 Aug 2022

Britain must do better for children excluded from school

Andy Carter MP - 4 Aug 2022

Microchips: why it’s time to start thinking ahead

Nayef Al-Rodhan - 3 Aug 2022

A manifesto for nature: what the next PM must do for the environment

James Cullimore - 3 Aug 2022

The next Prime Minister should copy the French – in scrapping the licence fee

Rebecca Ryan - 2 Aug 2022

Crowding out: how regional pay bargaining can boost levelling up

Elliot Keck - 2 Aug 2022

The only way to cut taxes is to reform public services

Andrew O’Brien - 1 Aug 2022

Liz Truss is the candidate who will do what she says and deliver for the British people

Lord Philip Harris - 1 Aug 2022

Outlawing 'downblousing' and wolf-whistling would be another sop to the authoritarian left

Marc Glendening - 29 Jul 2022

Allison Bailey has struck a vital blow against the gender identity bullies

Jo Bartosch - 28 Jul 2022

Depression: low serotonin may not be the cause – but antidepressants still work

Andrew M McIntosh & Cathy Lewis - 25 Jul 2022

Why scrapping the corporation tax rise is a no-brainer

Dr Tyler Goodspeed - 25 Jul 2022

Government and markets must work hand-in-hand to solve the housing crisis

Tim Farron MP - 22 Jul 2022

Rishi Sunak is best placed to unite our country with a new style of leadership

John Glen MP - 21 Jul 2022

Can the next Prime Minister save the Union?

Andrew McQuillan - 20 Jul 2022

PM Penny will drag the unions back to reality

Michelle Donelan MP - 19 Jul 2022

In an age of meme politics, can MPs avoid being the butt of the joke?

Amy Price - 19 Jul 2022

The next PM needs a tax strategy that goes beyond raising revenue

Peter Young - 18 Jul 2022

Mind your manner: how can the next PM take on Nicola Sturgeon?

Ian Mitchell - 15 Jul 2022

Community organisations are raising the red flag – and the next PM must heed their warnings

Tony Armstrong - 14 Jul 2022

Russia is exploiting the Commonwealth: the UK must act now

Daniel Kawczynski - 14 Jul 2022

The next PM must strive for an 'enterprise-first' Britain

Brendan Chilton - 14 Jul 2022

The British people have never needed their freedom more

Steve Baker MP - 13 Jul 2022

Après le déluge – build the Arc!

Tom Spencer - 13 Jul 2022

Nadhim Zahawi is the grownup in the room

Amanda Milling MP - 12 Jul 2022

A new movement for enterprise, prosperity and growth

Lord Frost of Allenton - 12 Jul 2022

The next Prime Minister must be even more committed to Ukraine

Robert Tyler - 12 Jul 2022

Kemi Badenoch is an unapologetic Conservative who'll always be straight with voters

Justin Tomlinson MP - 11 Jul 2022

Ukraine is losing this war – the west needs to massively step up its military aid

Frank Ledwidge - 7 Jul 2022

Who's really to blame for rail strikes?

David Campbell Bannerman - 7 Jul 2022

Sir Keir's Brexit conversion shows British politics is working (sort of)

Stewart Slater - 6 Jul 2022

Britain is leaking carbon – here's how to stop it

John Penrose MP - 6 Jul 2022

UK oil and gas needs an economic viability test

Harry Benham - 4 Jul 2022

The next chapter of Hong Kong’s history is playing out here in the UK – let's make sure it has a happy ending

Daniel Korski & Sunder Katwala - 4 Jul 2022

Businesses have transformed how they deal with extreme risk – government must now do the same

James Ginns - 1 Jul 2022

Poor value degrees are a huge problem – it's right the Government is looking at solving it

Elizabeth Dunkley - 30 Jun 2022

Measuring chaos: why the world needs a dignity index

Nayef Al-Rodhan - 29 Jun 2022

Lifting the bankers' bonus cap is the right thing to do – and not just for the City of London

Dr Gerard Lyons - 28 Jun 2022

When it comes to steel, Boris must avoid Donald Trump's mistakes

Dr Eamonn Butler - 27 Jun 2022

Roe overturned: What you need to know about the Supreme Court abortion decision

Linda C. McClain & Nicole Huberfeld - 27 Jun 2022

Lockdowns proved the public health panjandrums wrong about drinking

Joseph Dinnage - 27 Jun 2022

Dominic Raab has thrown down the gauntlet to activist judges

Andrew Tettenborn - 24 Jun 2022

Better regulation is the key to solving Europe's aviation chaos

Robert Tyler - 22 Jun 2022

To govern France, Macron must exchange hauteur for humility

Gavin Mortimer - 21 Jun 2022

Regressive, ineffective and unnecessary – an online sales tax is no way to help the high street

Elizabeth Dunkley - 21 Jun 2022

Will tax cuts really fuel inflation?

Elliot Keck - 20 Jun 2022

Too many Brits don't know how to manage their money – here's how to help

Carolyn Griffith - 20 Jun 2022

Stop talking to Tehran, and listen to Abadan

Hossein Abedini - 16 Jun 2022

Boris and the great glass tax elevator

Damien Phillips - 16 Jun 2022

The British public are brimming with ideas – it's time Whitehall listened to them

Nicole Sykes - 16 Jun 2022

The case for Zero-Based Budgeting in the public sector

Andrew Hunt - 15 Jun 2022

Councils are sitting on billions of developer cash – let's use it to build more homes

Aceil Haddad - 15 Jun 2022

Who really 'won' the Banks/Cadwalladr defamation trial?

Will Havelock - 14 Jun 2022

To tackle the cost of living crisis, let's help drivers switch to electric cars

NIck Fletcher - 14 Jun 2022

When will I be able to upload my brain to a computer?

Guillaume Thierry - 10 Jun 2022

How to make Global Britain a reality in the Indo-Pacific

Sir Richard Ottaway - 10 Jun 2022

The Tories are right to revive Right to Buy – it is a policy to be proud of

Elizabeth Dunkley - 9 Jun 2022

Staying in the single market is not the answer to Northern Ireland's problems

Sammy Wilson MP - 9 Jun 2022

I correctly predicted the vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership – here’s how I did it

Jonathan Tonge - 8 Jun 2022

This year's Tax Freedom Day is no cause for celebration

Madsen Pirie - 8 Jun 2022

Faith in free markets will boost the 5G rollout

Kieran Neild-Ali - 7 Jun 2022

Why France's over-centralised state is to blame for Champions League final chaos

Henri Astier - 6 Jun 2022

The case for UK shale is rock solid

Charles McAllister - 6 Jun 2022

Why the Apple and Google app store monopoly could soon be over

Greig Paul - 1 Jun 2022

Battlefields of knowledge: how Britain’s coming debates over food and agriculture will play out

Antony So - 1 Jun 2022

Don’t penalise young Hongkongers who want to study in their new home, the UK

Daniel Korski and Sunder Katwala - 31 May 2022

Getting to the heart of the abortion debate

Dr Jeremy Williams - 31 May 2022

Learning from New Labour's 'Levelling Up' mistakes

Ed Dorrell - 30 May 2022

Europe is in an energy conflict with Russia – it's time policymakers realised that

Dr Frank Umbach - 26 May 2022

With food prices rising, why are we adding to the problem with pointless tariffs?

Catherine McBride - 24 May 2022

Gene editing is the key to getting cheaper, greener food

Joshua Marks - 23 May 2022

The double standards of the Government's industrial relations policy

Richard Milsom - 23 May 2022

Why a tax break for Boomers might be just what the housing market needs

Nina Harrison - 20 May 2022

How Global Britain can attract the talented migrants we so badly need

Blair Gibbs - 19 May 2022

The Tories are losing their true-blue heartlands – here's how to win them back

Mark Tufnell - 19 May 2022

Let's bring Great British Railways home to York

Sir Robert Goodwill - 19 May 2022

From energy to childcare, there's plenty the Government can do now to cut the cost of living

Karl Williams - 18 May 2022

Flexible, less bureaucratic childcare is vital to helping families with the cost of living

Saqib Bhatti MP - 17 May 2022

Defunding the illiberal National Union of Students doesn't go far enough

Marc Glendening - 17 May 2022

Saving democracy: Dr Frank Luntz's Keith Joseph Memorial lecture

Dr Frank Luntz - 17 May 2022

Cryptocurrencies: why they’ve crashed and what it could mean for their future

G Brown, R Whittle & S Mills - 16 May 2022

Don't let Partygate obscure the biggest lockdown injustices

Lois McLatchie - 13 May 2022

More oil and gas isn't a sustainable route to UK energy security

Sam Hall - 13 May 2022

Boris Johnson should be very worried about what 2022 local council results mean for the next general election

Paul Whiteley - 12 May 2022

Reshuffling local government is nowhere near enough to level up the economy

Sam Robinson - 11 May 2022

The time is now to act on the integration of Health and Social Care

Mary Brown - 10 May 2022

It's not just workers who suffer from unclear employment rules – gig economy startups do too

Dom Hallas - 9 May 2022

With the public finances in a mess, the Government should revisit the sell-off of student loans

Charles Bromley-Davenport - 9 May 2022

An online sales tax is a lose-lose for shoppers – it has to be stopped now

Darwin Friend - 6 May 2022

Ukraine: Nato and the US aim to destroy the Russian military – it looks as if they may have the means to do it

Frank Ledwidge - 4 May 2022

25 years from independence, the Bank of England badly needs to rethink its remit

Damien Phillips - 4 May 2022

Four reasons the UK's migration picture is likely to change significantly

Helena Ivanov - 3 May 2022

It's time to inflation-proof the tax system

Peter Young - 29 Apr 2022

Free speech is not hate speech – whatever the authoritarian left try to tell you

Marc Glendening - 28 Apr 2022

To deliver energy independence, we must turn to UK manufacturers

Jacob Young MP - 28 Apr 2022

We should copy Denmark's approach and let asylum seekers work

Robert Buckland MP - 27 Apr 2022

It’s easy being green with a hydrogen supply chain

Will Bennett - 25 Apr 2022

Why Britain will remain Macron’s bête-noire

Gavin Mortimer - 25 Apr 2022

Russia: programme of ‘patriotic education’ aims to create next generation of Putin faithful

Jennifer Mathers & Allyson Edwards - 25 Apr 2022

Financial services regulatory reform could create a new golden age of investment in the UK’s infrastructure

Tracy Blackwell - 25 Apr 2022

When it comes to tech, our police forces are more confused dad than Big Brother

Danielle Boxall - 22 Apr 2022

What is behind Germany's shameful reluctance to help Ukraine?

Robert Tyler - 22 Apr 2022

What a £350,000 average house price means for first-time buyers in Great Britain

Colin Jones - 21 Apr 2022

We cannot let Putin use British citizens as diplomatic pawns

Isabel Sawkins & Grace Rollison - 20 Apr 2022

Unless unionists can overcome division, they deserve to lose

Andrew McQuillan - 20 Apr 2022

We need to talk about the English language

Caroline Ansell MP - 14 Apr 2022

In a global economy, the Laffer Curve has shifted – and the UK must take note

Andrew Hunt - 14 Apr 2022

Don't confuse sky-high prices with the end of oil

Rosanna Weber - 12 Apr 2022

British Muslims are vital allies in the fight against Ali Harbi Ali's brand of murderous extremism

Wasiq Wasiq - 12 Apr 2022

The pro-capitalist picture book every parent should read their toddler

Oliver Eaton - 11 Apr 2022

In defence of the non-doms

Callum Price - 8 Apr 2022

Rural voters are abandoning the Government – here's how to win them back

Jonathan Roberts - 8 Apr 2022

The Ukraine invasion has shown up the moral bankruptcy of the 'anti-imperialist' left

Dave Rich - 6 Apr 2022

Tsar Wars: why Russian support for Putin isn't just about media manipulation

Ian Mitchell - 6 Apr 2022

What's next for the National Lottery?

Giles Watling MP - 5 Apr 2022

Give up to level up – how going smoke-free can boost the poorest regions

Mark Oates - 5 Apr 2022

Ukraine: are reports of Russian troops mutinying and deserting true? It’s happened before

Natasha Lindstaedt - 4 Apr 2022

Climate aid is an essential part of Britain's foreign policy

Derek Thomas MP - 1 Apr 2022

Ukraine will not be like Korea – dogged resistance will turn it into Putin’s ‘bleeding ulcer’

Frank Ledwidge - 30 Mar 2022

MPs must protect women's right to safe at-home abortion care

Lottie Moore - 30 Mar 2022

Outdated regulation is a straitjacket on credit unions – just when we need them most

Matthew Greenwood - 29 Mar 2022

The truth about the ‘great resignation’ – who changed jobs, where they went and why

Various - 29 Mar 2022

The case for more nuclear is clear - but how do we actually build it?

Fiona Townsley - 28 Mar 2022

The end of Covid shouldn't mean scrapping the skills we've learned along the way

Stuart MacLennan - 28 Mar 2022

Can the EU defend Ukraine?

William Nattrass - 25 Mar 2022

Blaming the West for Russia's invasion is not 'realism', but moral self-deception

Bashshar Haydar - 24 Mar 2022

Debt crisis? What debt crisis?

Tom Spencer - 23 Mar 2022

The Treasury's tax calculations are detached from reality – but there is a better way

Darwin Friend - 23 Mar 2022

Conservatives won't win without getting back to their free market roots

Sam Collins - 23 Mar 2022

Kemi Badenoch is forging a winning, conservative approach to tackling racial disparities

Frank Young - 22 Mar 2022

A Hull of an idea: how remote working can shift the UK's economic geography

Mike Crowhurst - 21 Mar 2022

How Vladimir Putin took control of Russian TV – and how that might be starting to crack

Adrian Campbell - 17 Mar 2022

In the face of a growing energy crisis, it's time to insulate

Cherilyn Mackrory & Derek Thomas - 17 Mar 2022

Europe needs to stop 'West-washing' the war in Ukraine

Robert Tyler - 17 Mar 2022

Interest rates are likely to rise by much less than most people are predicting

Costas Milas - 16 Mar 2022

The cost of war – how Russia’s economy will struggle to pay the price of invading Ukraine

Renaud Foucart - 14 Mar 2022

We need a new kind of finance to spark a long-term investment boom

Kevin Hollinrake MP - 11 Mar 2022

Will booking an Airbnb help Ukraine? Why people make counterproductive decisions about charity

David Comerford - 11 Mar 2022

Bullying Bercow is gone – but are staff any safer in Parliament?

Hattie Turner - 10 Mar 2022

Britannia, waive the rules: the UK must stop dragging its feet over Ukrainian refugees

Aliona Hlivco - 9 Mar 2022

Defence cuts effectively paid for UK welfare state for 60 years – but that looks impossible after Ukraine

Ben Zaranko - 8 Mar 2022

How to open the door to women returning to work

Julianne Miles - 8 Mar 2022

Trading Up: a plan to boost British exports in a post-Brexit world

Archie Hill - 7 Mar 2022

Economic freedom is in retreat – and that should worry everyone

Rainer Zitelmann - 7 Mar 2022

Why is Serbia Europe’s weak link in taking on Putin?

Helena Ivanov - 7 Mar 2022

Time to ditch centrism and reclaim capitalism for the people

Mark Brolin - 4 Mar 2022

Global Britain is already here – but are we ready for it?

Blair Gibbs - 3 Mar 2022

The West risks launching an information war on itself

James Ball - 2 Mar 2022

Ukraine: why the sanctions won’t topple Putin

Sergey V Popov - 2 Mar 2022

GDPR threatens to the split the EU and US internet

Mikołaj Barczentewicz - 1 Mar 2022

Is there a way back for French conservatism?

Fanni Korpics - 1 Mar 2022

Mastering the arts – how to get culture funding right

Callum Price - 1 Mar 2022

Putin’s claim to rid Ukraine of Nazis is especially absurd given its history

Jeffrey Veidlinger - 28 Feb 2022

Neither students nor taxpayers are getting a fair deal from university

Elizabeth Dunkley - 28 Feb 2022

As the world watches, my country is dying

Aliona Hlivco - 25 Feb 2022

Forget 'partygate' – the cost of living is the biggest threat to Boris

Kelly Beaver - 25 Feb 2022

Beware over-regulating Britain's thriving digital economy

Kir Nuthi - 25 Feb 2022

It's time for Global Britain to shut down Londongrad

Taras Kuzio - 24 Feb 2022

Cold War 2 is here – and the West has lost its edge

Damien Phillips - 23 Feb 2022

Ukraine: world financial markets have not broken sweat since the Russian escalation – why?

Daniele Bianchi - 23 Feb 2022

Failed EU policies have harmed the environment – it's time to take back control of nature

James Cullimore - 22 Feb 2022

Russia wanted Munich, but it got a Ukrainian D-Day

Oleksii Goncharenko - 22 Feb 2022

The UK should cut taxes to turbocharge solar power

Andreas Thorsheim - 22 Feb 2022

Goodbye and good riddance to golden visas

Robert Tyler - 21 Feb 2022

What Jolyon Maugham gets wrong about human rights

Hugh McLachlan - 21 Feb 2022

Only by taking our fair share of refugees can we protect our borders

Andrew Mitchell MP - 21 Feb 2022

To make the most of Brexit, we should embrace radical freeports

Phil Radford - 18 Feb 2022

The Government's latest proposals risk crippling the UK's internet economy

Camilla de Coverly Veale - 18 Feb 2022

The problem with BritCoin

Charlie Morris - 17 Feb 2022

Is there any money left? The UK economy after Covid

Karl Williams and Robert Colvile - 15 Feb 2022

Peace on Russia's terms is not peace, but capitulation

Aliona Hlivco - 15 Feb 2022

The Levelling Up White Paper is a missed opportunity to boost charity and volunteering

Luke Stanley - 15 Feb 2022

As long as politics prevails, policy is paralysed

Madsen Pirie - 15 Feb 2022

CapX Exclusive

Shoot for the moon: how to give humanity a stake in space

Rebecca Lowe - 11 Feb 2022

How Brexit blew up Indyref2

Andrew Hunt - 10 Feb 2022

Build Basque Better: what Britain can learn from a region that has already 'levelled up'

Ivan Jimenez - 9 Feb 2022

Millions more jobs, higher wages and increased exports await a Global Britain

Dr Liam Fox - 9 Feb 2022

How Britain can unleash £1 trillion worth of exports

Mike Freer MP - 7 Feb 2022

The council tax 'rebate' offers a stark lesson about our data-poor state

James Ball - 7 Feb 2022

Devolution to England's counties is essential to levelling up

Archie Hill - 4 Feb 2022

Are we serious about growth?

Tony Danker - 3 Feb 2022

Britain is missing out on one of the biggest benefits of Brexit

Mark Oates - 2 Feb 2022

Why the Conservatives can't afford to ignore big cities

Tom Waterhouse - 2 Feb 2022

If we want to build more homes, it's time to tackle restrictive covenants

Tom Spencer - 31 Jan 2022

Sprucing up town centres will do little to 'level up' left behind areas

Fiona Bulmer - 31 Jan 2022

Painting the Red Wall green

Jonathan Gullis - 28 Jan 2022

The EU is on the road to a green planned economy

Rainer Zitelmann - 28 Jan 2022

Working from home benefits everyone – including low-paid workers

Andrew Phillips - 27 Jan 2022

For levelling up to work, London must be more competitive and equitable

John Dickie - 27 Jan 2022

The NHS is having its worst winter ever – and the reasons run much deeper than Covid

Peter Sivey - 26 Jan 2022

We Ukrainians are grateful for Britain's support – especially as others vacillate

Aliona Hlivco - 24 Jan 2022

Plan B is ending – now it's time to roll back the Covid State

Jim McConalogue - 21 Jan 2022

With Charlie's Law, the Government can end the nightmare of parent-doctor conflict

Baroness Finlay - 20 Jan 2022

Ukraine's struggle against Putin is Britain's fight too

Robert Tyler - 20 Jan 2022

Want stronger government data? Start with subsidies

Anna Powell-Smith - 19 Jan 2022

The NHS is broken – health tech can help fix it

Camilla de Coverly Veale - 19 Jan 2022

The BBC's move into the modern world is long overdue

Madsen Pirie - 18 Jan 2022

Looking East: there's a strong case for the UK joining the CPTPP

Elizabeth Dunkley - 17 Jan 2022

The rise of the 'Culture Control Left' is an affront to the rule of law

Marc Glendening - 15 Jan 2022

The tide has turned on Omicron – we should get rid of Plan B restrictions now

Paul Ormerod and Gerard Lyons - 14 Jan 2022

Downing Street party: what the law actually said about work gatherings in May 2020

Alan Greene - 14 Jan 2022

Is it time for the Scottish Tories to think the unthinkable?

Andrew McQuillan - 14 Jan 2022

Consumers will pay the price for a windfall tax on energy companies

Tom Ryan - 13 Jan 2022

Levelling Up and Zeroing In: How to decarbonise and grow the economy at the same time

Eamonn Ives & James Heywood - 12 Jan 2022

Supply chains in 2022: shortages will continue, but for some sellers the problem will be too much stock

S Schiffling & N Valantasis Kanello - 10 Jan 2022

Three decades on, the West still lacks a Central Asia strategy

Robert Tyler - 7 Jan 2022

Parklets, traffic-free zones and outdoor eating: how Covid is transforming our cities

Michele Acuto & Dan Hill - 7 Jan 2022

The UK and Europe must face up to this orchestrated migrant crisis

Richard Rimkus - 21 Dec 2021

Will there be a ‘Santa Claus rally’ in the stock market this year?

G Legrenzi, R Heinlein & S Mahadeo - 20 Dec 2021

Remembering Linda Whetstone – a tireless, inspirational champion for the cause of freedom

Eamonn Butler - 17 Dec 2021

What are the public's priorities for Levelling Up? The answer should give ministers pause for thought

Mike Crowhurst - 15 Dec 2021

The Online Safety Bill promises an unholy trinity of bad regulation

Camilla de Coverly Veale - 14 Dec 2021

Omicron might evade antibodies – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have immunity

Mick Bailey & Nicholas John Timpson - 13 Dec 2021

Splice of life: why Brexit Britain must embrace genetic engineering

Cameron English - 10 Dec 2021

Helping victims help the police is the only way to eradicate the stain of modern slavery

Louise Gleich - 10 Dec 2021

The West must take action against Iranian terrorism

Hossein Abedini - 10 Dec 2021

Why are we ignoring a cheap and potentially powerful weapon against Omicron?

Jane Smith & John Myers - 10 Dec 2021

How councils are using 'gruel ban' housing rules to wage war on the poor

Anya Martin - 9 Dec 2021

What are the chances of a new war in Ukraine?

Aliona Hlivco - 9 Dec 2021

Boris may have won this battle, but he could lose the war on court reform

Will Havelock - 8 Dec 2021

The EU needs a new right-wing alliance

William Nattrass - 7 Dec 2021

Singapore-on-Thames? Why Britain really should be learning from the Lion City

Charles Bromley-Davenport - 6 Dec 2021

It's time to increase the cost of Nimbyism

Jonn Elledge - 5 Dec 2021

Germany: the three biggest issues facing Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Niccolò Pisani - 3 Dec 2021

Covid: will the UK vaccinate children under 12?

Paul Hunter - 1 Dec 2021

Omicron and market sell-off: don’t be surprised if there’s more turbulence to come

Arturo Bris - 30 Nov 2021

Freedom fuels – the ethical case for domestic oil and gas

Andrew Hunt - 25 Nov 2021

Central banks must not jump the gun on inflation

Muhammad Ali Nasir - 23 Nov 2021

Whether it's gas or borders, the only way to ensure European security is to stand up to Putin

Aliona Hlivco - 23 Nov 2021

If we can't persuade people that freedom is the best way forward, we lose

Lord Frost of Allenton - 23 Nov 2021

Whatever you think of Paul Dacre, our public bodies urgently need a shake-up

Baroness Stowell - 22 Nov 2021

It's not up to Boris or the British Museum to return the Elgin Marbles

Will Havelock - 22 Nov 2021

What Star Wars can teach us about the decline of democracy

David Kenny & Conor Casey - 19 Nov 2021

A Churchillian answer to the Covid debt

Eamonn Butler - 19 Nov 2021

What a Bosnian village can teach us about faith

Olivia Marks-Woldman - 18 Nov 2021

If we want to go green, ditch the hair shirt and embrace the market

Fiona Townsley - 18 Nov 2021

Why Levelling Up presents huge political risks for Boris Johnson

Tom Waterhouse - 18 Nov 2021

Minsk is as much a threat to European security as Moscow

Emily Glynn - 17 Nov 2021

Electric cars could one day power your house – here’s how to make it happen

Tom Stacey & Ying Xie - 16 Nov 2021

The people believe in business – Big Government Boris should listen

Andrei E. Rogobete - 15 Nov 2021

Human rights organisations are being hounded out of Hong Kong

Andrew Rosindell MP - 15 Nov 2021

AI shop assistants: get ready for a world where you can’t tell humans and chatbots apart

Shweta Singh - 11 Nov 2021

To stop students being ripped off, it's time for a radical reform of university funding

Elizabeth Dunkley - 11 Nov 2021

Slavery victims need more support if we are to catch the gang masters

Jackie Doyle-Price - 10 Nov 2021

Boris must beware the breakdown of the social contract

Andrew Hunt - 10 Nov 2021

Today's so-called 'anti-racists' remain blind to anti-Semitism

Nicole Lampert - 8 Nov 2021

Rishi's war chest? The economic data that could give Sunak room for tax cuts

Ben Brittain - 5 Nov 2021

How Ukraine can help Europe plug the energy gap

Andrian Prokip - 3 Nov 2021

Why are teachers so miserable?

Tim Clark - 3 Nov 2021

Skills to pay the bills?

Chris Skidmore MP - 2 Nov 2021

Reconciling with Northern Ireland’s past, looking to its future

The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis - 2 Nov 2021

Go ‘deep green’ with gentle density

Nicholas Boys Smith - 1 Nov 2021

To solve climate change, stop the obsession with Net Zero and focus on small wins

Andrew Hunt - 1 Nov 2021

After the Budget, is Boris' vision of a 'science superpower' intact?

Vinous Ali - 29 Oct 2021

Canada shows how to legalise cannabis – and then reap the rewards

Blair Gibbs - 29 Oct 2021

Why are there so few female entrepreneurs?

Aria Babu - 27 Oct 2021

Signing up to a global tax cartel would cost Brits billions

Fiona Townsley - 27 Oct 2021

The data dilemma

Richard Mollet - 25 Oct 2021

Britain should not listen to the unaccountable, unscientific WHO on vaping

Adam Afriyie MP - 25 Oct 2021

Colin Jordan was no joke – and Ridley Road is a reminder that we ignore fascists at our peril

Nicole Lampert - 25 Oct 2021

Microschools are a great way to boost choice and quality in education

Fiona Townsley - 22 Oct 2021

Global Britain shouldn't forget about its own back yard

Aliona Hlivco - 20 Oct 2021

A ban on American sprinkles really takes the biscuit

Philip Thompson - 20 Oct 2021

Who wins gains? How capturing land value can revolutionise our infrastructure

Tom Spencer - 19 Oct 2021

Unfair, expensive and pointless – there's no good argument for an online sales tax

Sam Collins - 19 Oct 2021

If the unions won't defend academic freedom, then who will?

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert - 19 Oct 2021

Sir David Amess, Jo Cox and the knotty problem of local constituency security

Alasdair Booth - 18 Oct 2021

What will it take for politicians to understand the gig economy?

James Frayne - 15 Oct 2021

What has happened to western Europe’s centre right?

Tim Bale & Cristobal R Kaltwasser - 14 Oct 2021

SMEs deserve better: Solving the scourge of late payments

Liz Barclay & Clive Rich - 12 Oct 2021

The SNP has no idea how to defend Scotland

Sir Michael Fallon - 12 Oct 2021

Poles apart: is there any chance of another EU exit?

Robert Tyler - 11 Oct 2021

Persona non Greta – not all Scots welcome COP26

Philip Patrick - 11 Oct 2021

We are stronger together on the world stage

William Hague - 7 Oct 2021

In defence of Doing Business

Jeffrey Mason - 7 Oct 2021

Conference season shows the Nimbys have triumphed again

Chris Worrall - 6 Oct 2021

Our grid is out of control – only nuclear can wrestle it back

Mark Jenkinson MP - 4 Oct 2021

Global Britain needs a proper framework for dealing with China

Nus Ghani MP - 3 Oct 2021

Forget the fuel crisis, the future of urban transport is airborne

Martin Warner - 1 Oct 2021

Bathtubs and why negative emissions technologies are more important than renewables

Eddie Gillow - 30 Sep 2021

Britain is failing to protect defecting spies and political refugees

Josephine Freund & Isabel Sawkins - 29 Sep 2021

With no money and no nukes, an independent Scotland could become a pawn in China's game

Ian Mitchell - 29 Sep 2021

Bring on the farmbots!

Merlin Platt-Higgins - 28 Sep 2021

Better arguments are key to building more houses

Wyatt Getty - 24 Sep 2021

The Trudeau bubble deflates

Blair Gibbs - 22 Sep 2021

When it comes to subsidies, there really is a silver bullet

John Penrose MP - 22 Sep 2021

Anti-capitalism and conspiracy theories are rarely far apart

Rainer Zitelmann - 21 Sep 2021

Where next in the fight against Islamist extremism?

Will Baldét - 20 Sep 2021

AUKUS is a victory for freedom, democracy and the rule of law

Rohan Watt - 17 Sep 2021

Homes for Heroes: how to build 250,000 homes for frontline workers

Elizabeth Dunkley - 16 Sep 2021

Is Facebook's new cryptocurrency about to upend the global financial system?

Toph Cottle - 15 Sep 2021

Electricity prices have reached record highs – and the time-poor could suffer most

Jacopo Torriti & Timur Yunusov - 14 Sep 2021

Enough quick fixes – future generations should be at the heart of policy-making

Lord Bird - 10 Sep 2021

If Britain wants a slice of India’s digital economy, it should start investing now

Abhishek Rungta - 9 Sep 2021

It's not just people we've abandoned in Afghanistan

Robert Tyler - 7 Sep 2021

Asking young people to pay for social care will put an entire generation off ever voting Tory

Rebecca Wray - 7 Sep 2021

Our shrinking military leaves us vulnerable 

Tobias Ellwood MP - 6 Sep 2021

Boomers vs millennials? Free yourself from the phoney generation wars

Bobby Duffy - 3 Sep 2021

Why we are reclaiming history from the distortions of Critical Race Theory

David Abulafia - 3 Sep 2021

It's easy being green – why market mechanisms beat heavy-handed interventionism

Nathan D'Cunha - 3 Sep 2021

We've feared Covid long enough, now it's time to focus on the 'roaring 20s'

Brendan Egan - 1 Sep 2021

Your smartphone is not making you dumber – digital tech can enhance our cognitive abilities

Lorenzo Cecutti & Spike W S Lee - 31 Aug 2021

The UK has set an example on climate change – but the private sector must go further

Baroness Altmann - 31 Aug 2021

Like the Romans, the West’s Middle East humiliation signals its decline

Dr George Maher - 31 Aug 2021

Westminster must now confront the anti-democrats in the SNP/Green 'alliance'

Ian Mitchell - 26 Aug 2021

Covid will mean serious challenges this school year, but it has had some silver linings too

Tim Clark - 26 Aug 2021

Scrapping the PCR stealth tax would give tourism a much-needed boost

Bill Bowkett - 26 Aug 2021

After Afghanistan, who will rely on America again?

Sam Ashworth-Hayes - 25 Aug 2021

What now for Nato?

Kit MacLellan - 24 Aug 2021

Grand designs: how self-build can help solve the housing crisis

Anthony Breach - 24 Aug 2021

It's time to liberate NHS staff from the quagmire of analogue bureaucracy

Dr Owain Hughes - 24 Aug 2021

Nando’s chicken shortage: how the pandemic has made supply and demand tougher to predict

John Boylan - 23 Aug 2021

When 'building beautiful', it's what's on the inside that counts

Félicie Krikler - 20 Aug 2021

How 'free' university is pricing Scottish students out of a world-class education

Sarah Brown - 20 Aug 2021

Beyond the blank slate: how basic instincts shape human societies

Professor Colin Talbot - 20 Aug 2021

Britain must play a leading role in defending Europe from Iranian interference

Robert Tyler - 19 Aug 2021

Britain must stand up to genocidal regimes before it is too late

Isabel Sawkins & Benedict Rogers - 19 Aug 2021

To level up we need to go nuclear

John Stevenson MP - 19 Aug 2021

Where is Wales' wealth creation?

Paul Davies MS - 18 Aug 2021

How Bush, Blair and Biden lost Afghanistan

Peter Young - 17 Aug 2021

Why describing all mass violence as 'terror' is a dangerous error

Sam Ashworth-Hayes - 17 Aug 2021

After the US exit, the UK must step into the breach to save Afghans from the Taliban

Z Zaidi, K Mulhern & K Maltby - 16 Aug 2021

The dangers of green tech's dependence on rare-earth elements

Chris Skidmore MP - 13 Aug 2021

Will Covid be the Game of Thrones of politics, or the Little Britain?

Will Havelock - 12 Aug 2021

Messi's move to Paris is a key part of Qatar's game plan

Simon Chadwick - 12 Aug 2021

How the West's retreat from Afghanistan is bolstering Russia and China

Roberto White - 12 Aug 2021

What does a degree actually cost?

Jefferson Frank - 11 Aug 2021

Strengthening the Union isn't just about Scotland

Ed McGuinness - 11 Aug 2021

Do new EU rules spell Le Crunch for UK asset managers selling into Europe?

Dr Andrew Tarrant - 10 Aug 2021

Don't vaccinate children – send jabs abroad

Leon Hady - 10 Aug 2021

How to unlock the economic potential of the East Midlands

Ben Bradley MP - 10 Aug 2021

Three ways social media organisations can help beat anti-Semitism

Isabel Sawkins - 5 Aug 2021

The UK must push for an inquiry into Iran's new president

David Jones MP - 5 Aug 2021

It's not fair for the poor to shoulder the cost of Net Zero – the middle classes must step up

Daisy Powell-Chandler - 4 Aug 2021

Biomass has a role to play, but it mustn't become a false friend

Pauline Latham MP - 4 Aug 2021

The Government has begun to tackle the Chinese military’s exploitation of UK research – but there’s much more to do

Radomir Tylecote & Roberto White - 30 Jul 2021

The beta variant is surging in mainland Europe – should the UK be worried?

Tara Hurst - 30 Jul 2021

British reindustrialisation is no longer a dream, it's a reality

Rupert Gather - 29 Jul 2021

The retreat from free market economics leaves the West exposed to the next crisis

Nikola Kedhi - 28 Jul 2021

Raising National Insurance to fund social care isn't enough – we need a comprehensive ten-year strategy

Robert Kilgour - 27 Jul 2021

It will be a long hot summer for health lobbyists – let's hope a better bill emerges from it

Chris Whitehouse - 26 Jul 2021

Advances in years? How Britain can lead the world in anti-ageing

Aria Babu - 23 Jul 2021

From the Pingdemic to vaccine passports, young people have had enough

Hannah Ord - 23 Jul 2021

Servicing the Commonwealth: liberalising trade in the UK's strongest sector

J de Leyser & Mohammad Razzaque - 23 Jul 2021

Friendly fire on Big Tech could mean start-ups are the collateral damage

Camilla de Coverly Veale - 22 Jul 2021

I’ve been chronicling Liverpool’s renaissance for 40 years – here’s why the city’s Unesco status should not have been removed

Michael Parkinson - 22 Jul 2021

Creating a digital state: from a one-stop shop to a no-stop shop

Kirsty Innes & Philip Salter - 21 Jul 2021

A tax on jobs to pay for social care is a terrible idea

Eamonn Butler - 20 Jul 2021

TV news is outdated, time for politicians to embrace podcasts

Travis Chappell - 20 Jul 2021

How a next generation Human Genome Project could save countless lives

Saloni Dattani & Henry Fingerhut - 20 Jul 2021

History lessons: the case against regulating ESG ratings agencies

Andrew Smith and Robert E Wright - 19 Jul 2021

New powers for counties must be at the heart of Johnson's 'levelling up'

Archie Hill - 16 Jul 2021

Britain should actively recruit foreign talent, not just wait for it to come

A Howes, S Dumitriu & P Salter - 16 Jul 2021

When it comes to the culture war, the Tories are in it for the long haul

Ed Dorrell - 16 Jul 2021

Most Covid deaths in England now are in the vaccinated – here’s why that shouldn’t alarm you

Christian Yates - 15 Jul 2021

Cubans are crying out for freedom from their Marxist dictatorship – Britain must listen

Peter Young - 14 Jul 2021

How worried should we still be about the Brexit divorce bill?

Bob Lyddon - 14 Jul 2021

One way or another, we're all exposed to 'extremist' content

Nick Cowen - 14 Jul 2021

How 'status quo Labour' have dealt the Tories a winning hand

Andrew Tettenborn - 13 Jul 2021

Managing the climate crisis starts with measurement

Kulveer Ranger - 13 Jul 2021

There's no point in Keir Starmer facing off with the Corbynites

James Harris - 12 Jul 2021

Could Sturgeon 'do a Kinnock' and go to Europe on a huge salary?

Ian Mitchell - 12 Jul 2021

Cambridge must take care, but it's well within its rights to take money from the UAE

Andrew Tettenborn - 9 Jul 2021

What's the point of the Government's big corporate shake-up?

Jon Moulton - 9 Jul 2021

All bets are off: the Gambling Commission is unfit to oversee the future of the National Lottery

Andrew Bridgen MP - 9 Jul 2021

Dawn raids are not the way to enforce our immigration rules

Aaron Gates-Lincoln - 9 Jul 2021

England V Italy 43AD – football and the echoes of ancient history

Dr George Maher - 8 Jul 2021

Forget the triple lock, why not scrap the retirement age?

Kiara Taylor - 8 Jul 2021

How businesses can help build a more resilient generation

Lord Bird and David Harrison  - 8 Jul 2021

China and the US race to dominate the ultimate strategic high ground: space

Lukas Fiala - 6 Jul 2021

The spectre of inflation is haunting Britain

Elizabeth Dunkley - 6 Jul 2021

Celebrities trying to slap taxes on gadgets should exit stage left

Hannah Ord - 5 Jul 2021

Let's scrap these pointless Covid rules and let schools get back to normal

Fiona Bulmer - 2 Jul 2021

Is the traditional Tory belief in free enterprise leaving the station?

John Penrose MP - 2 Jul 2021

Vince Cable's China apologism is a betrayal of liberal values

Emily Fielder - 1 Jul 2021

Trans-Pacific trade is a big Brexit win

Joe Bradshaw - 1 Jul 2021

'Taking back control' doesn't mean embracing supranational taxes

David Campbell Bannerman - 1 Jul 2021

Covid-19: Extending the gap between vaccine doses was the right thing to do

Professor Paul Hunter - 30 Jun 2021

Macron's presidency has entered injury time – can he come back?

Margot Stumm - 29 Jun 2021

Why free trade and environmental standards must go hand in hand

Alexander Stafford MP - 29 Jun 2021

The usual critics might complain, but Eton's state sixth forms will change lives for the better

David James - 28 Jun 2021

Hancock shows how the Covid rules made mugs of us all

Sam Ashworth-Hayes - 26 Jun 2021

Five years from the Brexit vote, 'Global Britain' is now much more than a slogan

Rupert Gather - 23 Jun 2021

Brits should be able to buy Aussie beef without being fed a load of bull

Sarah Gall - 23 Jun 2021

Endless errors have denied us the Freedom Day we deserve

Sam Ashworth-Hayes - 21 Jun 2021

Chesham & Amersham: Ignore the 'pundit babble' and focus on facts

Andrew Cordiner - 19 Jun 2021

Ending furlough will hit older workers hardest – here's how to soften the blow

Heidi Karjalainen - 17 Jun 2021

Britain is facing a perfect storm in green energy generation

Mike Kelly - 17 Jun 2021

The Chancellor should stick to his guns and end the Universal Credit uplift

Caroline ffiske - 17 Jun 2021

The curious illiberalism of the modern 'liberal'

Eamonn Butler - 16 Jun 2021

Training for ministers is long overdue - but the Government should go further

Ed McGuinness - 16 Jun 2021

Delaying 'freedom day' shows the Government won't give up its new powers without a fight

Victoria Hewson - 15 Jun 2021

Brexit Britain will be a fintech success - because of its diversity and tolerance

Amir Nagammy - 15 Jun 2021

Schools must step up to protect pupils from sexual harassment

Tim Clark - 15 Jun 2021

Covid-19 may never go away, but practical herd immunity is within reach

Caroline Colijn & Paul Tupper - 14 Jun 2021

Scots are slowly realising you can't be independent and in the EU

Ian Mitchell - 14 Jun 2021

Reports of the death of the five-day week are greatly exaggerated

Paul Swinney - 11 Jun 2021

Beware of 'Policy Intern Brain' – the source of so many bad ideas

Anya Martin - 11 Jun 2021

G7 summit: there's a big agenda, but the group's world-beating influence is much diminished

Steve Schifferes - 11 Jun 2021

The internet is held together with little more than spit, glue and hope

James Ball - 9 Jun 2021

What’s wrong with a carbon tax on Australian beef? Just about everything...

Dr Catherine McBride - 9 Jun 2021