Jack Graham

Jack Graham is a fellow at OPEN and a political commentator.

CapX Exclusive

The open secret to Canada's tech boom

Jack Graham - 15 Jun 2018

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The pre-school solution to our productivity problem

Jack Graham - 8 Dec 2017

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The curious similarity between Theresa and Trump

Jack Graham - 25 Jul 2017

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The Democrats hold the shutdown Trump card

Jack Graham - 26 Apr 2017

Can Japan defuse its demographic time bomb?

Jack Graham - 27 Mar 2017

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Why 'Trumpcare' could define Trump's presidency

Jack Graham - 17 Feb 2017

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It is the huddled masses who can make America great again

Jack Graham - 26 Jan 2017

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Trump needs to dump his businesses - but he never will

Jack Graham - 5 Dec 2016

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Everything Barack Obama worked for is about to be swept away

Jack Graham - 12 Nov 2016

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Trump's attack on democracy dominates final debate

Jack Graham - 20 Oct 2016

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Clinton vs Trump: a battle for America's soul

Jack Graham - 27 Sep 2016

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Why free trade is at the top of Obama's bucket list

Jack Graham - 16 Sep 2016

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Immigration deadlock at the heart of the 2016 race

Jack Graham - 24 Aug 2016

Journalists! Stop asking politicians stupid questions

Jack Graham - 18 Aug 2016

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Donald Trump's campaign of resentment is finally coming unstuck

Jack Graham - 12 Aug 2016

Bill Clinton: Hillary’s master communicator

Jack Graham - 27 Jul 2016

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America's fractured national conventions

Jack Graham - 25 Jul 2016

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Mike Pence joins the Trump Show

Jack Graham - 18 Jul 2016

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Clinton witch-hunting: Republican lawmakers' favourite hobby

Jack Graham - 13 Jul 2016

Simon Burns: the Tory MP campaigning for Hillary Clinton

Jack Graham - 16 Jun 2016

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America’s Third Party could decide the next President

Jack Graham - 6 Jun 2016

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‘Chilcot’ the play: a timely reminder of the damning Iraq Inquiry

Jack Graham - 3 Jun 2016

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Trump's hunt for the perfect Vice President

Jack Graham - 11 May 2016

CapX Exclusive

Donald Trump: the making of a Presidential candidate

Jack Graham - 27 Apr 2016

CapX Exclusive

Too little too late: Cruz and Kasich's half-hearted pact to stop Trump

Jack Graham - 26 Apr 2016

CapX Exclusive

Trump and Clinton seek revival in the battle over "New York values"

Jack Graham - 15 Apr 2016

John Kasich - the man heating up the GOP establishment race

Jack Graham - 7 Feb 2016

The Presidential Primaries - America’s Grand National

Jack Graham - 22 Jan 2016

NRA holds a gun to Washington's head

Jack Graham - 2 Jan 2016

America's Identity Crisis

Jack Graham - 8 Dec 2015