David Waywell

David Waywell is a writer and cartoonist at The Spine.

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Trump won't fix America by talking to tech

David Waywell - 15 Dec 2016

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Was it really such a surprise that Trump won?

David Waywell - 9 Nov 2016

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It's harder than ever to imagine a Labour government

David Waywell - 28 Sep 2016

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The BBC was right to give up The Great British Bake Off

David Waywell - 14 Sep 2016

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Why Donald Trump may be the new Richard Nixon

David Waywell - 8 Sep 2016

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Free pianos for everybody!

David Waywell - 1 Sep 2016

This company keeps accusing me of marrying my sister

David Waywell - 31 Aug 2016

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The Cult of Helpfulness

David Waywell - 25 Aug 2016

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When sticking out your tongue is a very good thing...

David Waywell - 18 Aug 2016

Is summer news actually real news?

David Waywell - 12 Aug 2016

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The Godfather of American politics makes an offer he can't refute

David Waywell - 1 Aug 2016

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The Great British Political Gaff Off

David Waywell - 25 Jul 2016

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Fifty shades of Theresa May's grey

David Waywell - 18 Jul 2016

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Hands off the wheel: Donald Trump and the self-steering political campaign

David Waywell - 7 Jul 2016

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Should Sky be a limit? Where creativity and commerce collide

David Waywell - 23 Jun 2016

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Muhammad Ali and the elusive mystery of American 'greatness'

David Waywell - 6 Jun 2016

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Is the EU Referendum destroying your relationships?

David Waywell - 1 Jun 2016

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Here's why Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States

David Waywell - 13 May 2016

Who can save us from our new TV royalty?

David Waywell - 6 May 2016

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Ted Cruz: the presidential candidate who made children cry

David Waywell - 5 May 2016

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The winning Trump might carry on winning

David Waywell - 22 Apr 2016

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Death of the American conversation: Mary Mapes and her search for Truth

David Waywell - 14 Apr 2016

Why the VR revolution will suit a world bereft of its sense of causality

David Waywell - 1 Apr 2016

From black holes to Brexit: why it's okay to be agnostic about the EU referendum

David Waywell - 18 Mar 2016

Goodbye Mythbusters though we need you more than ever...

David Waywell - 11 Mar 2016

Eurovision: musical torture or geopolitical nightmare?

David Waywell - 4 Mar 2016

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Why is Apple confusing the difference between hacking and encryption?

David Waywell - 26 Feb 2016

CapX Exclusive

How Donald Trump has used social media to outplay his opponents

David Waywell - 23 Feb 2016

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Obama's full court press

David Waywell - 15 Feb 2016

Laughing their way to the White House

David Waywell - 12 Feb 2016

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Don't write off the idea of President Bloomberg

David Waywell - 26 Jan 2016

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It's the Stupidity, Stupid: Why Jeb Bush is fighting the wrong fight

David Waywell - 20 Jan 2016

Why does America celebrate the best while Britain celebrates the brash?

David Waywell - 15 Jan 2016

A Time For Truth: Reviewing the genius of Ted Cruz

David Waywell - 13 Jan 2016

Why getting blocked by George Galloway should be the next thing you do

David Waywell - 11 Dec 2015

Mr Trump has a bright idea

David Waywell - 9 Dec 2015