Beatrice Faleri

Beatrice Faleri is an Editor at Perspective at King’s College London

Why the Italian Constitutional Referendum affects the future of the EU

Beatrice Faleri - 21 Jul 2016

Britain votes for Brexit - how the night went down

Beatrice Faleri - 24 Jun 2016

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Virginia Raggi: the change Rome needs, or just a pretty face?

Beatrice Faleri - 20 Jun 2016

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The real price of closing the gates

Beatrice Faleri - 25 Feb 2016

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Proper Roman holiday: a native’s view of Rome

Beatrice Faleri - 5 Feb 2016

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Grexit, Brexit... could Itexit be next?

Beatrice Faleri - 1 Feb 2016

Swiped by Adam Levin: the ugly reality of identity theft

Beatrice Faleri - 20 Nov 2015

CapX reading list: Has Carly Fiorina stopped Trump in his tracks?

Beatrice Faleri - 17 Sep 2015

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Me, Myself and I: the egotist politics of Trumpusconi

Beatrice Faleri - 16 Sep 2015

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Sharing, but not really caring – why the sharing economy is not taking off in Italy

Beatrice Faleri - 11 Sep 2015

Meet the 21 year old mogul with the best non-Exotic Indian Hotels

Beatrice Faleri - 7 Sep 2015

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What Italy can teach Britain

Beatrice Faleri - 12 May 2015

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An exhibition of everything wrong with Italian enterprise

Beatrice Faleri - 15 Apr 2015

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Italy: A nation on the run

Beatrice Faleri - 2 Apr 2015