18 April 2016

4% of Britons say Obama opposes Brexit (mainly) because “he cares about Britain”


Why is President Obama heading to London to encourage the British people to vote to stay inside the EU? For something slightly different in this “Portrait of America” series YouGov asked the British equivalent of the First Verdict USA panel for their answer to the question.

Slightly more than half of Britons thought it was because it is easier for the US to deal with Europe as “one block”. 24% said President Obama believes global security is enhanced by Britain staying in the EU. 14% thought Mr Obama was doing a favour to David Cameron. Just 4% thought the key explanation for the intervention was that “he cares about Britain and believes it’s better for our prosperity”.

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In a previous Portrait of America poll, published on 15th February, we established that few Americans would support the kind of supranational arrangements that Britain participates in as an EU member:


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Tim Montgomerie is Editor of Portrait of America